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Renown scrolls are official guild rankings of player characters that can be accessed in the game. They are located in guild halls but may be called something other than "renown scroll," such as "register" or "tome."


  • LOOK: displays the current rankings
  • TAP: adds you to the scroll or updates your ranking (provided that you have the stats to be included)
  • RUB: deletes you from the scroll

List of Renown Scrolls

Province Area Guild Criteria
P1 Crossing Barbarian total weapons
P1 Crossing Bard circle
P1 Crossing Trader circle
P1 Crossing Trader trading
P1 Crossing Warrior Mage circle
P1 Crossing Cleric circle
P1 Crossing Empath Empathy
P1 Crossing Paladin circle
P1 Crossing Ranger athletics, evasion, first aid, locksmithing, skinning, primary magic
P1 Crossing Moon Mage astrology, scholarship, perception
P2 Northern Trade Road Moon Mage combat
P2 Riverhaven Bard Bardic lore, performance, scholarship
P2 Riverhaven Cleric total survival ranks
P2 Riverhaven Empath tactics, warding, evasion, defending, 1st armor, parry ability
P2 Riverhaven Paladin defending, worn armors
P2 Riverhaven Barbarian blunt weapons
P2 Riverhaven Ranger under 20th circle
P2 Riverhaven Trader outdoorsmanship?
P2 Riverhaven Moon Mage total lore ranks
P2 Throne City Moon Mage circle
P2 Langenfirth Ranger bows, crossbows
P2 Therenborough Paladin shield, polearms
P2 Muspar'i Bard 1st weapon
P2 Muspar'i Cleric crafting
P2 Muspar'i Trader scholarship
P2 Muspar'i Warrior Mage circle
P3 Steelclaw Clan Barbarian edged weapons
P3 Shard Moon Mage arcana, enchanting
P3 Shard Bard discipline, stamina
P3 Shard Empath scholarship, appraisal
P3 Shard Paladin highest weapon, tactics, perception
P3 Shard Ranger outdoorsmanship
P3 Shard Trader combat
P3 Shard Cleric theurgy, scholarship
P4 Ratha Barbarian bows
P4 Ratha Trader thievery
P4 Taisgath Moon Mage total predictions made
P4 Ratha Bard charisma
P4 Ratha Cleric magic, attunement?
P4 Ratha Empath total magic ranks
P4 Ratha Paladin forging, scholarship
P4 Aesry Surlaenis'a Ranger perception, scouting, stealth
P4 Aesry Surlaenis'a Trader survivals
P4 Aesry Surlaenis'a Bard magic
P4 Aesry Surlaenis'a Cleric weapons, armor
P4 Aesry Surlaenis'a Empath alchemy, first aid, outdoorsmanship
P4 Mer'Kresh Barbarian defensive combat
P4 Mer'Kresh Cleric augmentation, warding
P4 Mer'Kresh Paladin augmentation, warding, first aid
P4 Mer'Kresh Warrior Mage circle
P5 Hibarnhvidar Barbarian weapons of opportunity, survivals
P5 Hibarnhvidar Trader perception?
P5 Hibarnhvidar Bard targeted magic, 1st weapon, parry ability, shield usage, 1st armor, evasion
P5 Hibarnhvidar Empath targeted magic, 1st weapon
P5 Hibarnhvidar Moon Mage total survival ranks
P5 Hibarnhvidar Paladin discipline, charisma
P5 Boar Clan Ranger circle
P5 Boar Clan Cleric targeted magic, debilitation

3.0 Update

On March 13, 2013, GM Raesh announced that the renown scrolls had been fixed. Although the announcement said that "every scroll had to be reset," only the Bard, Cleric, and Empath scrolls have been updated. Moreover, only the Empath scroll in Aesry had to be reset, since the other scrolls were already X3-compliant.

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