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Mana tuners allow a user to perceive one or more types of mana using INVOKE. Currently tuners sold at Drathrok's Assemblage allow up to three types of mana to be perceived at a time.


  • Allows the user to perceive mana via INVOKE.
  • Mana tuners do not allow native use of this mana type (non-sorcerous) nor do they provide any skill or spell casting benefits.
  • More powers on a single tuner may be unlocked with a potency crystal to see up to two additional types of mana.
  • Only one mana tuner and one sorcery focus may be worn at the same time.
  • The tuners do not drop to the ground on death or incarceration.
  • The tuners cannot be destroyed through normal use, merely dropped if you get the worst possible failure while implanting.
  • There is a cool down between switching out tuners of about 3 real life days.


Including the initial item power, there are five potential upgrades and you may unlock up to three of them.

Lunar attunement (LOCKED)
Elemental attunement (LOCKED)
Life attunement (UNLOCKED!)
Holy attunement (LOCKED)
Sorcerous attunement (LOCKED)

You may cycle through unlocks using "turn tuner." A valid (locked) attunement must be selected before the unlock will be complete.

Unlock Notes

  • One type (depending on what you buy) will be unlocked by default. You TURN the tuner to a LOCKED setting, apply the potency crystal and it'll unlock that element.
  • You may have no more than three total powers unlocked on a single tuner. This does not include the default power.
  • If you plan on unlocking multiple elements, you should do so ahead of IMPLANTing it; you will need to hold the tuner in your hands to apply the crystal.
  • To see which mana types have been unlocked, and which are still locked, you can ANALYZE MY TUNER while holding it.


  • Anyone can implant a Mana Tuner, even non-magic users, though there is a modest Arcana skill requirement for doing so.
  • Magical spinal surgery is dangerous. Tuners need to be SHAPEd to the person that will implant them (SHAPE TUNER TO ARMIFER, for example). This can be done by yourself or with the help of another. This is an extremely hard First Aid skill check, and made even harder if you're doing it yourself. Empaths using a diagnostic link and Necromancers using the Butcher's Eye spell can mitigate this difficulty somewhat, but still you want to find an expert in the field.
  • You can STUDY the tuner after it has been shaped to get an accurate idea of how the surgery will go. This is very wise, since "death" and "failure to implant" are possible outcomes.
  • There are four possible surgery outcomes:
    1. Death + failure to implant (and the implant hits the ground).
    2. Death + successful implant
    3. Severe bleeders + successful implant
    4. Moderate bleeders + successful implant
  • The First Aid skill of the person getting the implant doesn't matter, it's entirely on the person who SHAPEs it. The only requirement on the implanter's side is they need a modest amount of Arcana skill to do it at all.
  • The tuner is not destroyed if you successfully or fail to implant, but may drop on the ground on failures.
  • You must implant your own mana tuner. Another player may only SHAPE it for you.

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Exact commands used:

  • shape tuner to person

You run the tuner across your body and, as best as you're able, along your spine. Taking note of your skin density, you select the proper arrangement of needles, causing some to shrink and others to elongate along the business end of the tuner. Finally, you take your best guess as to the shape and the information the tuner collected about your spinal cord, you select the optimal position for it to be implanted at.
The work is long, but you believe the tuner is now ready to be implanted.
Roundtime: 60 sec.

Empath waves her tuner around you, focusing on your back. She carefully manipulates the device, causing the needles at its head to shrink and elongate according to some design.

You run the tuner across Person's body, taking special care to allow the device to scan her spine. Measuring her skin density, you select the proper arrangement of needles, causing some to shrink and others to elongate along the business end of the tuner. Finally, taking into account the shape of Person's spine and the information the tuner collected about her spinal cord, you select the optimal position for it to be implanted at.
The work is long, but you believe the tuner is now ready to be implanted.
Roundtime: 60 sec.

  • study tuner

You carefully study a shining gold tuner.
This appears to be a magic tuner, a device which can be used to artifically perceive mana streams regardless of type or presence of Attunement. While it is impossible to manipulate mana through them, it is possible to get an accurate gauge of the quality of mana in a region (or time, for Lunar mana) using it.
There is one rather unpleasent twist; these are not hand-held devices. Instead, the tuner must be implanted in the spinal cord of the recipient to function. If successfully implanted, the tuner may then be invoked at any time to gauge the frequency it is tuned to.
This particular tuner has been prepared for implantation in your spine, though it could be reshaped freely if you wish to implant it in another person. You realize that a diagnostic link with the intended recipient would help you with the shaping process.
Taking stock of the preparation done on the tuner, you believe that the surgery will succeed with as little injury as magical spinal surgery permits.
Roundtime: 15 sec.

  • implant tuner

You awkwardly place the tuner along your spine, needles pricking you, and mutter the words of enchantment. The tuner suddenly jerks and dives into your flesh!
The tuner cuts into your flesh, following a masterful plan to integrate with your nervous system. You howl in pain as the tuner injects itself into your spinal cord, yet the experience is not immediately fatal. The tuner seems to have seated itself with as little injury as shoving a metal object into your spine can accomplish.

You have severely swollen and bruised back compounded by deep slashes across the back.


           Area       Rate              
           back       moderate
    inside back       moderate

Third party view: Person awkwardly places the tuner along his spine and mutters a few nonsense words. At the end of his incantation his eyes bulge and he lets out a howl of pain!
Person continues to howl as the tuner neatly buries itself in his flesh.

  • invoke tuner

A sharp, electric pain dances across your spine as the tuner renders an accurate image of the mana streams against your interoception.
Fulgent streams of cold, white mana chill your core.
Pulsating streams of fiery mana burn through your limbs.
Pulsating streams of golden mana echo through your body.
Pulsating streams of unholy black mana leave you feeling feverish.
Roundtime: 16 sec.

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