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Province Therengia
Town El Bain's Stop
Map Ranik's Map 41
Owner Standish
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Tack shops, Estate Holder shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Lirums

[Standish's, Tack and Gear]
This small open-air room holds all that is needed for the care of horses or ponies. The scent of fresh oats permeates the air with a hint of apple from a nearby barrel. From baskets and trunks to boxes of feed this shop caters to the every need of horses and their owners. You also see a small note and Stableman Standish.
Obvious exits: west, out.

A small note reads:
Any questions about the tack or food, or on the items used for grooming horses, please ASK me.  Thank you, Stableman Standish.
Ask Standish about tack
Item Price Done
1. a gold-edged quilted caparison 2,500   
2. a thick blanket 1,500   !!
3. a leather saddle 20,000   !!
4. a saddle pad 1,000   !!
5. a leather halter 1,000   
6. a leather bridle 1,500   !!
The order of the items offered may differ
Ask Standish about feed
Item Price Done
1. a shiny red apple 5   
2. a cube of salt 10   
3. a fresh carrot 5   
4. some grain 2,000   !!
5. some hay 45   !!
The order of the items offered may differ
Ask Standish about grooming
Item Price Done
1. a hoof pick 1,500   No
2. a dark wooden mane and tail brush 300   
3. a stiff brush 300   !!
4. a wooden curry comb 250   
The order of the items offered may differ

[Standish's, Barding]
Sturdy oaken racks display a variety of plate, chain, and leather barding, each set carefully polished and shined or oiled to entice you to buy. Lining the walls are colorful pictures of proud steeds outfitted in full battle regalia. You also see a huge oak chest, a saddle stand with some stuff on it, and a bound leather trunk.
Obvious exits: east.

On the black oak rack
Item Price Done
iron-mesh crinnet adorned with a single gold coin 6,500   !!
heavy mesh crupper with gold-inlaid braiding 9,600   !!
iron-mesh flanchard lined with thick scarlet cloth 110,000   !!
heavy mesh peytrel with gold-inlaid braiding 9,600   !!
heavy mesh chanfron inlaid with a gold coin 12,000   !!
chain barding (horse armor)
On the dark oak rack
Item Price Done
steel-plated crupper 12,000   !!
steel-plated flanchard lined in thick blue cloth 160,000   !!
steel-plated peytrel 12,000   !!
wide plate crinnet cinched with oiled leather straps 4,000   !!
steel-plated chanfron etched with the crest of the Paladins' Guild 15,000   !!
plate barding (horse armor)
On the white oak rack
Item Price Done
thick black leather flanchard lined in thick scarlet cloth 90,000   
thick black leather peytrel 5,600   
braided dark leather crinnet 3,200   !!
studded dark leather chanfron with silver trimming 4,800   
studded dark leather crupper 5,600   
light barding (horse armor)
In the oak chest
Item Price Done
cerulean caparison with dangling silver and gold tassles 3,200   
black velvet caparison embroidered in scarlet and gold roses 3,200   
blue velvet caparison embroidered in silvery thread with the crest of the Bards' Guild 3,200   No
warm red wool caparison trimmed with gold braiding 3,200   
forest-green caparison trimmed in brown and black woven leaves 3,200   
On the saddle stand
Item Price Done
fleece-lined black leather saddle cinched with thickly braided leather 26,000   
elaborate white leather saddle lined in pale fleece 31,000   
dark leather saddle with silver-inlaid roses along its seat 31,000   
dark brown leather saddle with sterling silver buckles 28,000   No
rugged leather saddle 22,000   !!
In the leather trunk
Item Price Done
evergreen woolen blanket edged with ivory braiding 1,200   
soft white blanket trimmed with tiny gold tassels 1,200   !!
mud brown quilt sporting various colorful patches 1,200   !!
thick red woolen blanket trimmed in tiny golden bells 1,200   !!
night black quilt embroidered with scarlet roses 1,200   !!