Back of the Caravan

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Back of the Caravan
Festival Rarely available
Owner Hobglup
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Back of the Caravan, Under the Awning]
A vibrant green and white awning shades and shelters this small sales area. Several wooden shelves fold down from the walls flanking a wide ramp that leads up and into the rear of the caravan. A slender ivory doll stand looms over an ivory-banded trunk in one corner of the enclosed space. You also see a sturdy coffer, a leaning table with some stuff on it, an ivory-banded box, a spider web in the corner with some stuff on it, a wicker doll basket hanging from an awning post, a wooden shelf with some stuff on it, the exit and a simple wooden crate with some stuff on it.

On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
simply-dressed little girl doll 3,750   
aspiring sailor doll 3,750   
jovial pirate doll 3,750   
cheerful young prince doll 3,750   
Guildleader Mo doll (2) 3,750   
Guildleader Annael doll 3,750   
singed mage doll 3,750   
smirking ranger doll 3,750   
Guildleader Esuin doll 3,750   
simple burlap doll 1,875   
S'Kra Mur merchant doll 3,750   
Guildleader Kssarh doll 3,750   
These dolls are the result of a lifelong work. While they are but in their first stage of evolution now, that will change in the very near future. Enjoy them as they are, and enjoy them further when they evolve!
In the doll basket
Item Price Done
threadbare zombie 6,250   
angry-faced linen zombie 6,250   
frayed silken zombie 6,250   
fraying zombie 6,250   
On the spider web
Item Price Done
dark hairy spider 6,250   
emerald-eyed spider 8,125   
long-haired tarantula 6,250   
sleek black widow 6,250   
On the doll stand
Item Price Done
skeletal merchant 6,250   
skeletal mage 6,250   
miniature ivory skeleton 6,250   
skeletal soldier 6,250   
In the ivory-banded trunk
Item Price Done
simple ivory duck 3,750   
simple ivory cow 3,750   
simple ivory chicken 3,750   
simple ivory leopard 3,750   
On the wooden crate
Item Price Done
simple wooden cup 6,250   
red and white striped cup 12,500   
mistwood cup 12,500   
jade-handled cup 12,500   
ivory-handled cup 12,500   
"A simple ball and cup game. A cursory study of the cup will explain everything. Except that the handles of the cups also match the ball inside each."
In the sturdy coffer
Item Price Done
short-haired black cat 3,750   
long-haired striped cat 3,750   
green-eyed cat 3,750   
short-tailed cat 3,750   
In the ivory-banded box
Item Price Done
dark-haired wolf 3,750   
aged thick-furred wolf 3,750   
solid white wolf 3,750   
grizzled wolf 3,750   
On the leaning table
Item Price Done
blue and black striped night hound 3,750   
aged grey night hound with black spots 3,750   
white-chested night hound 3,750   
ruby-eyed hound 3,750