Arte of the Black Cockatrice

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The Arte of the Black Cockatrice is is a pre-Imperial Elven grimoire of sorcery, the most complete copy ever found by Borrugar in a Tezirite monastery. He worked to translate the book and used it to create the spell Aura Sight. In his attempt to create an enchantment from the tome referred to as "the Mithricine Key," Borrugar met his untimely end, his mangled body discovered by his bodyguards.

After this, a copy of the text fell into the hands of the Bone Elves, only to be stolen by Lasarhhtha. It was finally retrieved and used to create the Y'Shai by the Moon Mage Council, specifically the Progeny of Tezirah. The Progeny is rumored to currently own the most complete translated copy.