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Aoustone at a Glance
Material Type Gems
Colors Blue, Orange
Rarity Quest-Only
Cultural Relevance
  • Hollow Eve material
Required for Alterations Yes

Created when fresh lava flows over pre-formed clusters of blue topaz, this smoky translucent gem retains a distinct, vivid blue in its heart that follows the fissures that streak through the stone like frozen flames. The edges hold a charred, fiery orange that when hit by the light replicates the look of coals.

Alteration Rules

This material is required for alterations.

Raw Material Sources


ItemSource isRarity is
Aoustone-inlaid zingana kalungu with treasureweave tension cordsMusiceum (3)Hollow Eve Festival 417/AuctionItem:E'erdream instrument case set with two lotus flower sapphire clasps
Flat aoustone glass vial shaped like an anatomically correct heartItem:Jacinthe dragonfire brocade makeup reticule suspended on silversteel chainsHollow Eve Festival 425/Auction
Frozen flame carved from aoustoneRitual Addiction
Ilomba hautbois set with rounded aoustone keysMusiceum (3)
Indurium sackbut decorated with trapezoidal pieces of aoustoneWhimsical Winds (4)
Jacinthe bourde waistcoat adorned with rows of aoustone buttonsMale Persuasion (3)
Potions case carved from a single aoustoneHollow Eve Festival 417/Auction
Shireli lace-trimmed gloves studded upon the knuckles with aoustonesMale Persuasion (3)
Smoky blue aoustone muhenta shaped like a dragon skullTieheq with the Thirteen (4)Tieheq with the Thirteen (3)

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