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  • The event's full name is: Aesthene's Close: Frozen in Time
  • The new event is "based" in Zoluren (P1).

Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Event Opens Ticket Sales End Event Closes
Prime Friday May 17, 2024 Sunday June 2nd, 2024 Monday June 3rd, 2024
Plat Friday May 17, 2024 Sunday June 2nd, 2024 Monday June 3rd, 2024
Fallen Friday May 17, 2024 Sunday June 2nd, 2024 Monday June 3rd, 2024



Aesthene has reappeared and beseeches the aid of all cunning adventurers!

Find the apprentice Timekeeper in one of the standard locations. Then REDEEM a time slip and ASK the Timekeeper about ACCESS to make your way into the Chronoscape.

Once inside, find one of the many time locks and TOUCH it to form a bond and begin the process to guess the secret five-letter word in order to stabilize that component of the containment device. You can LOOK at the lock to see your progress at any time and WHISPER to the lock when guessing at the secret word.

Correctly guessing the secret word in six tries or less will grant 100 chronocoins and 1 role-playing point. Failing to guess the correct word will grant only 100 chronocoins. Adventurers intent on a less cerebral approach may simply PUNCH the time lock for an immediate resolution and 100 chronocoins. If you want to continue playing, move around until you find the Crystal Chamber, where another apprentice Timekeeper can help you REDEEM a new pass.




End Loot

See Aesthene's Close 449/End_Loot for prizes and prices.

Incidental Loot

There are no incidental prizes for this event.

How to Participate

Don't know how to participate?
See the microtransaction events page for general instructions.

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