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Lord Urivael
Status: Alive
Race: S'Kra Mur
Gender: Male
Location: Ratha (Ranik Map 91)
Associates: House Lisska'Vran, Revia
Relatives: Ludhael, Holis

Found in the Glass Arboretum of Gamant Lisska'Vran.


A shell of his former self still dressed in his richly embroidered blue velvet housecoat, Lord Urivael moves as if each motion were hindered by a terrible weight. His brilliantly oiled emerald green scales and slitted crystal green eyes are overshadowed by his troubled and mournful expression. Staring into the distance as if caught in a memory, he paces slowly back and forth trailing his bejeweled tail behind him like a lifeless burden.



  • Ludhael: Urivael begins to weep. "Oh my child. My precious son. Such promise, and now you are lost to me."
  • Revia: Urivael shrugs, "A loyal servant of my house for many years She is simple of mind and strong of back, like all of her race."
  • Holis: Looking down at his hands Urivael says, "He is all I have now, my youngest son. Yet I can not bear his presence just now. Always he has been a bitter child, but more so it seems of late. I have sent him away to a private school. I tell myself it is for his own protection. Perhaps in truth I have another reason."

Atmospheric Messages

  • Urivael sighs.
  • Urivael reaches slowly up to wipe a tear from his eye.