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Revia Bruhl
Status: Alive
Race: Gor'Tog
Gender: Female
Location: Ratha (Ranik Map 91)
Associates: House Lisska'Vran, Urivael, Ludhael, Holis

Found in the Kitchen of Gamant Lisska'Vran.


You see Revia Bruhl, small of frame for a Gor'Tog with pale olive skin. She regards you with guileless brown eyes. Wearing a threadbare and stained dress and a dingy, blue pocketed apron, she whistles tunelessly as she works about the home.



  • door:
"That's Ludhael's room. No one goes in there anymore. Not even Revie to clean. But, Revie still clean Holis's room and oooh boy I do a good job!"
Revia nods her head as though immensely proud of herself.
  • Ludhael:
Revia says brightly, "He was a nice lordie. Never made Revie clean out middens too much. And NEVER in summer. Wheeewww! Those stink. Even try to teach Revie dice though Revie no keep track of the counting too good. But lordie say Revie always get the numbers right!"
Revia nods her head as though immensely proud of herself.
  • Holis:
Revia ducks her head and begins scrubbing the floors even harder.
She says quietly, "Ma always said, if you can't say nothin' nice...
don't say nothin' at all. That's his room up there. No ones been in there since he went to that learning place."
  • Urivael:
Revia says quietly, "He's a good Pa. Loved Ludhael lots. Poor man, cries and cries. Revie no know what to do. I made him his favorite cookies and he didn't even eat one! Put sparklies on it and everything. Cookies just sit in the kitchen and get gooey."
Revia sighs slightly and shakes her head.

Atmospheric Messages

  • Revia begins scrubbing harder at the floor and says, "Stupid, stupid Revie for dropping that bowl. This stuff will never come off!"
  • Revia whistles tunelessly to herself.
  • Revia wipes some sweat off her brow with the edge of her dress.
  • Revia glances up at you apprehensively and says quietly, "Revie sorry to be a bother. Will be done real quick." She begins scrubbing the floors more diligently.