Tildi's Blooms (2)

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Tildi's Blooms
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417
Owner Tildi
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Housing shops, Hider shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Tildi's Blooms, The Hollow]
Curling silversteel vines wind upward from the floor to spread out across the walls and ceiling of this dome-shaped room. Gem flowers of topaz, alexandrite and ruby partly hide among the many leaves that sprout from the thorn covered tendrils. Backlighted blue glass gives the impression of a boundless sky behind the creepers. On one side the vines twine together to create an open archway, while in other spots giant-sized leaves are crafted into shelves. A rug the color of new grass completely covers the floor.
Obvious exits: north, east.

On the smooth silversteel leaf
Item Price Done
pair of dark red gemfire velvet lilies 216,480   
large shrike's bounty blossom fashioned from richly hued thornweave 189,420   
midnight-hued Phelim's Bliss rose made of glittering starlight velvet 171,380   
bluefire velvet storybook rose accented with mistglass leaves 2,074,600   
fluted tyrium hairstick topped with a topaz-hued zerarin wool Idon's Trumpet 1,353,000   
trio of exquisite sunkissed chiffon peonies 360,800   
slim glitvire hairstick carved to resemble a branch of flowering belladonna 216,480   
white alerce haircomb decorated with shimmering jaalmin k'dira leaves 166,870   

On the polished leaf of silversteel
Item Price Done
nightmare black Dergati's Night blossoms displaying bloodgem centers 135,300   
rope of briolette-cut night diamonds twined with bloodlace star's tear lilies 1,262,800   
iridescent cire ribbon stitched with vibrant red-orange poppies 135,300   
blue gossamer sjarta blooms dotted with snow-white geshi pearls 180,400   
strand of faceted cloud ruby dusk roses 811,800   
delicate velvet vine blooming with soft white strawberry blossoms 135,300   
thinly-leafed silk vine strewn with dozens of white turbaurs Faenella roses 135,300   
ornate silversteel chain twined with pale mistglass Elamiri roses 902,000   

On the giant leaf made from silversteel
Item Price Done
mistglass faesoul blossoms 595,320   
dozen tiny silk Midwinter's Sickle flowers 180,400   
handful of crimson sapphire-swirled white glaes melir blooms 902,000   
bejeweled green gold shalyria vines looped into delicate spirals 351,780   
hammered gold lyrandia bloom surrounded by muracite vines 225,500   
profusion of multihued glass-captured chrysanthemums 180,400   
filigreed half-mask adorned with opaque yarrow flowers 225,500   
assortment of glaes teardrops and wine-red erythraean lotus blossoms 4,419,800   

On the slightly curled leaf crafted from silversteel
Item Price Done
Flowers for the outside of your Freestanding Home!
gold-shot croton plants - A nice freestanding home with a number of gold-shot multicolored croton plants growing on either side of the front door. 90,200   
profusion of foxweed - A nice freestanding home with a profusion of foxweed overgrowing the yard with countless lemon-scented white flowers. 90,200   
flowering etrana bushes - A nice freestanding home with a large etrana bush covered in deep blue flowers growing beneath the window. 90,200   
climbing hoyiro roses - A nice freestanding home with fragrant pink hoyiro roses climbing up a tall whitewashed trellis. 90,200   
tropical shonji plants - A nice freestanding home with tropical shonji plants growing in brightly colored clusters along the path to the front door. 90,200   
flowering tenra bushes - A nice freestanding home with some well-tended flowering tenra bushes growing at the edge of the yard. 90,200   
dark green window box - A nice freestanding home with a dark green window box planted with yellow-centered white and pink snow trilliums upon the sill. 90,200   
flowering wisteria vines - A nice freestanding home with twining wisteria vines covered in delicate violet blooms growing along the eaves. 90,200   


[Tildi's Blooms, Annex]
Smoky glass is used to cover the metal walls and ceiling mimicking a cloudy night's sky. Tiny lights inserted behind the glass help to give the impression of distant stars peeking through the cloud cover. Draping from a center point on the ceiling is a square-seated swing with green ropes the hue of new leaves. A low ground cover of blackberry vines made from silversteel twist together to create unique stands and tables made from brambles and leaves.
Obvious exits: southeast, south.

On the silversteel stand
Item Price Done
verdant dolphin vine sprouting clusters of delicately curved tubular flowers 60,434   !!
soft lace ribbon decorated with eglantine roses framed by feather-like leaves 51,414   
iridescent covellite vine intertwined with a dozen colorful clematis flowers 78,474   
snarled length of thorny black vine fraught with silver Elven tears blossoms 87,494   
delicate rose gold chain strung with clusters of lustrous silk honeysuckle 96,514   
sleek iera vine heavy with velvet blossoms tinted the color of fresh blood 42,394   

On the silversteel table
Item Price Done
pair of twig-like cypress hairpins sprouting tri-color globemallow blossoms 49,610   
cluster of fluffy powder grey dawn's breath flowers 27,060   
sinuous bittersweet branch laden with bright orange sphalerite berries 58,630   
abundance of softly shaded sea-lavender twined with pale silver ribbon 31,570   
watered silk cabbage rose tinted a delicate shade of pink 40,590   
chequered snake's head lily swaying from a hook-shaped hairpin 36,080   

On the bramble stand
Item Price Done
dainty sunflower labret stud flaunting vibrant golden-yellow ray florets 81,180   
pair of blue-tinged haon eyebrow rings incised with star-like browallia blooms 63,140   
silver wirework half-mask composed of twining maiden's breath vines 135,300   
handful of colorful cosmos flowers covered in glitter 72,160   
crimson amber strawflower swaying from a golden beryl hoop 90,200   

On the vine table
Item Price Done
plaited black suede wrist wrap fastened with a grey-tinged mournbloom brooch 45,100   
strand of round glass meditation beads filled with vibrant jewelweed blossoms 45,100   
sinuous cocobolo bracelet engraved with numerous draconaeia blossoms 45,100   
wide lacy choker dotted with tiny enameled forget-me-nots 45,100   
carved bloodwood pinky ring depicting a tangle of fox blossoms 45,100   
sprig of sunny yellow cat's-ear caught within a spherical glass pendant 45,100   
"Each of these items is enchanted to conceal a few specific things! Pick responsibly, as there will be no refunds. -- The yellow cat's-ear within a glass pendant will hide itself and gwethdesuans, the pinky ring bundles and containers, the lacy choker cambrinth and belt-worn items, the cocobolo bracelet will hide itself and cambrinth, the meditation beads gwethdesuans and containers, and the wrist wrap will conceal bundles and belt-worn items."