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Description: Describes the type of damage that an ability can do
Type: string
Allows Value: Puncture damage, Slice damage, Impact damage, Fire damage, Cold damage, Electrical damage, Vitality damage, Attunement damage, Concentration damage, Fatigue damage, Spirit damage, Balance damage, Nerve damage

There are currently 75 items in this property, 6 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Raise Power +Fatigue damage  +
Rebuke +Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +
Rimefang (spell) +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +
Ring of Spears +Puncture damage  +, Impact damage  +


Shockwave +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +
Siphon Vitality +Fire damage  +, Cold damage  +
Smite Horde +Slice damage  +, Impact damage  +
Soul Attrition +Slice damage  +, Cold damage  +, Spirit damage  +
Stampede +Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +
Starcrash +Impact damage  +, Cold damage  +
Starlight Sphere +Impact damage  +, Cold damage  +
Stone Strike +Puncture damage  +, Impact damage  +
Strange Arrow +Puncture damage  +, Electrical damage  +


Telekinetic Storm +Puncture damage  +, Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +,
Telekinetic Throw +Puncture damage  +, Impact damage  +, Fire damage  +,
Tremor +Balance damage  +


Universal Solvent +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +, Impact damage  +,


Vertigo +Balance damage  +
Vessel of Salvation +Vitality damage  +
Vigil +Spirit damage  +
Vivisection +Puncture damage  +, Slice damage  +
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