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Description: A property for declairing whether a creature is undead, and thus affected by bless and possessing typical undead properties.
Type: boolean

There are currently 536 items in this property, 516 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Vaporous blood wraith +true  +
Vela'tohr bloodvine +false  +
Velakan slaver +false  +
Velver +false  +
Veteran orc archer +false  +
Veteran orc skirmisher +false  +
Vicious warcat +false  +
Vile plague wraith +true  +
Void black umbral moth +false  +
Voidspawn (1) +false  +
Voidspawn (2) +false  +
Vykathi builder +false  +
Vykathi excavator +false  +
Vykathi harvester +false  +
Vykathi reaper +false  +
Vykathi soldier +false  +


War mammoth (creature) +false  +
Warklin mauler +false  +
Water sprite +false  +
Whitetip shark +false  +
Wild boar +false  +
Wildland goblin +false  +
Wind hound +false  +
Winged black marble gargoyle +false  +
Wir dinego +true  +
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