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Description: A property used to categorize commands.
Type: text
Allows Value: role-playing, racial, guild, magic, combat, settings

There are currently 105 items in this property, 12 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Chuckle command +role-playing  +
Clench command +role-playing  +
Clutch command +role-playing  +
Cower command +role-playing  +
Cry command +role-playing  +


Disband command +role-playing  +
Dismount command +role-playing  +
Drink command +role-playing  +
Drool command +role-playing  +
Duck command +role-playing  +


Exhale command +role-playing  +


Face command +role-playing  +, combat  +
Faint command +role-playing  +
Fall command +role-playing  +
Fidget command +role-playing  +
Figure command +role-playing  +
Flail command +role-playing  +
Flinch command +role-playing  +
Flirt command +role-playing  +
Fluster command +role-playing  +
Fly command +role-playing  +
Fret command +role-playing  +
Furrow command +role-playing  +


Gag command +role-playing  +
Gasp command +role-playing  +
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