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Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet
Festival Shard Liberation Festival
Owner Jakuv
# of Rooms 8
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, Inlet]
Tent flaps thrown wide and top-vents opened to the sky, the interior of Jakuv's Outlet is bright and airy. Several clerks and stockboys can be seen in their hustle and bustle to the north. Some seem to be carrying extra stock to or from some remote locale in the compound, some carry pads of paper and quills and seem to be monitoring and tabulating sales, and others are stationed near various racks, crates, boxes, and tables to make sure that the customers' orders are immediately filled. You also see a rather large sign.
Obvious exits: north, out.

 A rather large sign reads:

There are quite a number of items sold here, but only four rules.
  1) Make sure you try to GET what you want before you BUY it!
  2) APPRAISE the desired item to prevent disappointment. FAIR WARNING!.
  3) GENERALLY SPEAKING, containers are in the center, clothing is to the west, 
     weapons and armor are to the north, and props and gadgets to the east. 
     Where something is sold is a good indication of its properties!
  4) Absolutely no refunds! 

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, Junction]
Collections of cases, batches of backpacks, piles of pouches, and stacks of satchels are appealingly arranged around the area. Several studious stockboys stand silently smiling and survey the surroundings, scanning to see the shoppers' selections and skillfully stocking any shrinking stores with surplus supplies snatched from secreted spots before swiftly scurrying to their specified stations. You also see a buckler, a wobbly barstool with a crimson barmaid's tip pouch with a silver keg clasp on it, a battered wood worktable with some stuff on it, a dingy wicker basket, a rough-hewn pine counter with some stuff on it, a white wicker stool with some stuff on it, a white wicker couch with some stuff on it, a white wicker chair with some stuff on it, a dusty footlocker with some stuff on it, and a small bench with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, east, south, west.

On the wobbly barstool
Item Price Done
crimson barmaid's tip pouch with a silver keg clasp 2,706   
On the wood worktable
Item Price Done
vintner's toolkit of painted oak with a padded leather shoulder strap 1,109   !!
dusty prospector's sack 315   
sailor's mending kit 2,101   !!
Each of these containers has items and tools within.
In the wicker basket
Item Price Done
storyteller's book of fairy tales bound in quilted silk 7,396   
embossed leather physician's book clasped with an amber cebi root 3,727   
tax collector's ledger bound in gold-embroidered crimson velvet 78,952   
navigator's logbook bound in sun-bleached canvas 10,696   
pastry chef's cookbook bound in red linen 2,172   
There are treasures within each of these volumes.
On the pine counter
Item Price Done
grey sharkskin cartographer's toolbag clasped with a brass compass rose 9,290   
otterskin diver's thigh sheath decorated with silver fittings 7,892   
oiled maple barber's kit set with an ornate copper clasp 4,759   
olive-green oilcloth alchemist's haversack with a black iron clasp 15,931   
chandler's sample box of birch with the word "Soaps" stamped on it in blue ink 1,826   No
compact interrogator's case of polished bloodwood with black iron fittings 34,482   
All of the containers sold on this counter are lockable and contain a variety of tools and useful gadgets, along with a key.
Absolutely no refunds!
On the wicker stool
Item Price Done
urchin's hemp rucksack covered with stitches from previous mends 225   !!
brown leather scribe's rucksack with a darkened silver clasp 8,499   !!
white canvas messenger's backpack stitched with outstretched silver wings 1,443   !!
tooled leather highwayman's pack with a tarnished buckle 3,066   
patched scavenger's pack 1,082   
On the wicker couch
Item Price Done
wicker fisherman's basket with braided rawhide straps 1,353   
silk damask seamstress's case with a golden hook closure 13,530   !!
stained burlap ratcatcher's bag 126   !!
brewer's burlap hops bag 180   
farmer's burlap fertilizer satchel 45   !!
stiff leather apothecary's satchel with a thick embossed flap 3,157   
sturdy canvas scout's satchel 902   
dark green courier's satchel reinforced with tanned peccary hide 2,164   
hole-riddled village idiot's pie sack 126   
gardener's woven rubbish sack 514   !!
thick wool gravedigger's sack with faded stitching 514   !!
cedar beekeeper's hive ornamented with golden bumblebees 811   
dairymaid bucket emblazoned with a multicolored cow 450   !!
tarnished woodcutter's wood bin 180   !!
charlatan's medicine bag 1,804   !!
polished black leather chirurgeon's bag 1,804   !!
storyteller's book bag stitched with various mythical beasts 1,804   
On the wicker chair
Item Price Done
midnight black torturer's sack interlaced with barb wire 1,353   
lavishly embroidered tax collector's pouch 2,255   !!
suede pilgrim's pouch lined with silk and embroidered with the thirteen Immortals 5,412   !!
blue velvet chatelaine's purse adorned with gold chains and a ruby brooch 21,648   
stylish lady-in-waiting's reticule suspended from a slender platinum chain 31,570   !!
splotched spice merchant's bag 315   !!
mesh diver's bag adorned with fish skulls and seashells 451   !!
wicker fisherman's creel decorated with fish skulls and feathered lures 1,353   !!
felt storyteller's toy box sprinkled with moon and star designs 4,510   
ornate woodcarver's kit 811   
brewer's kit constructed from aged oak reeking of sour beer 811   
dark leather cartographer's case embossed with a compass rose 1,353   
oilcloth cartographer's case with a polished gold compass clasp 9,020   
On the dusty footlocker
Item Price Done
wicker rat-catcher's trap held together with knotted sinew 451   
scuffed leather poacher's game-bag with a broken arrow clasp 902   
red canvas miser's purse decorated with burnt orange tassels 451   
brown oilcloth midwife's bag with a carved linden leaf clasp 902   !!
deep woven-reed apothecary's basket lined with grey twill 451   
shallowly curving reed gardener's basket 451   
On the small bench
Item Price Done
inventor's ironwood gadget box 4,510   
brass mortician's tool trunk 4,510   
courier's scroll case of polished mistwood inlaid with ivory 4,059   
mahogany artist's case with a carved scrollwork border 2,255   
carved silverwood cobbler's case with a sturdy black leather strap 1,804   !!

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, East Wing]
Various boxes, bookcases, and crates are filled with superior stock. Closer inspection, as one might expect, shows nothing that could be called schlock. Baubles and gizmos and geegaws galore! Trinkets and trifles abound! Plainly presented on shelves and on trays so that everything's easily found. You also see a simple brass hook with some pilgrim's prayer beads carved from sandalwood on it, a piece of driftwood with a cartographer's compass housed in a brass case sealed with a gold clasp on it, an ebony lectern with a professor's wooden teaching stick on it, a narrow pine shelf with a town crier's drum accented with white doeskin on it, a cracked hearth stone with a gardener's mini greenhouse with a cracked pane on it, a chipped crystal plinth with a set of multi-shaped chef's salt and pepper shakers on it, a polished maple bookcase with some stuff on it, a dented jewelry box, an upside-down splintering crate with some stuff on it, a round pewter tray with some stuff on it, a musty canvas cot with some stuff on it, and a teetering tripod with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east, west.

On the brass hook
Item Price Done
pilgrim's prayer beads carved from sandalwood 4,059   
On the piece of driftwood
Item Price Done
cartographer's compass housed in a brass case sealed with a gold clasp ?   
On the ebony lectern
Item Price Done
professor's wooden teaching stick 1,804   
On the narrow pine shelf
Item Price Done
town crier's drum accented with white doeskin 1,353   
On the cracked hearth stone
Item Price Done
gardener's mini greenhouse with a cracked pane 1,984   
On the chipped crystal plinth
Item Price Done
set of multi-shaped chef's salt and pepper shakers 90   

{{ShopHeader|title=On the maple bookcase

leather bound torturer's tome embossed with reddish-brown lettering 4,510    ship captain's logbook bound in sharkskin 2,255    beginning hunter's field guide with a forest green suede cover 2,255    purse maker's encyclopedia bound in pebbled leather 4,510    slim herald's handbook bound in brown velvet 4,510    leather bound apothecary's herbal with a crystal jadice clasp 4,512    farmer's almanac bound in yellow hide 2,255    thick sailor's book bound in worn oilcloth 2,255    leather bound tax collector's audit book 2,255    flour-dusted leather bound baker's book engraved in silver leaf 4,510    baker's cookbook covered in red and white checked fabric 2,255    suede cartographer's atlas 4,510    lady-in-waiting's diary bound in raw silk 5,412    dog-eared monk's tome 1,353    barmaid's notepad warped from dried mead 1,353    dusty innkeeper's ledger with faded ink 4,510   !!
In the jewelry box
Item Price Done
bronze scribe's medallion of merit from Asemath Academy 216   
gem-encrusted gold aristocrat's signet ring 9,020   
slender lady-in-waiting's hairpin tipped with a gleaming starfire topaz 14,432   
jailer's key ring constructed of high-quality steel 451   
simple monk's armband 45   
professor's cambrinth apple sprinkled with crystals 90,200   
galley slave iron leg chains 135   
leather pilgrim's prayer cord 1,353   
On the splintering crate
Item Price Done
small brewer's cask of oak bound with copper 1,804   !!
etched silver distiller's flask 1,623   !!
dented pewter gravedigger's flask 451   !!
copper-plated town crier's gargle flask 721   !!
tarnished silver highwayman's flask 1,443   !!
vinter's wine keg 1,804   !!
battered oak barmaid's keg 1,623   !!
On the pewter tray
Item Price Done
rusty set of torturer's handgrips 225   
polished silver tax collector's badge 2,255   
pair of blunt-bladed mortician's scissors with stained tips 451   
builder's straight edge trimmed in copper 225   !!
On the canvas cot
Item Price Done
moldy cheesecloth pillowcase 90   !!
soft midwife's baby blanket with cow and lamb prints 451   
urchin's wool blanket encrusted with dirt and mud 360   
On the teetering tripod
Item Price Done
mortician's brown bottle of noxious fluid 180   !!
barber's green tonic bottle 180   !!
globular beekeeper's honey jar frosted with a beehive design 180   No

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, East Wing Terminus]
In the easternmost parts of the fine Gnomish shop, arranged for fine browsing masses, is a wide-ranging jumble of gadgets and props (and even some handy eyeglasses). The clerks, you can see, are a serious crew, keeping up with supply and demand, but each one in passing smiles kindly at you without pausing from the task at hand. You also see a short marble column with a peach lace lady-in-waiting's fan on it, a chipped saucer with a delicate silk lady-in-waiting's handkerchief on it, a small silk cushion with a polished silver jeweler's loupe with a clear crystal lens on it, a crooked nail with a domestic servant's feather duster made from gidii feathers on it, a velvet-lined tray with some stuff on it, a battered red toolbox, a cast-iron lamppost with some stuff on it, some wood pegs with some stuff on it, a dusty wheelbarrow with some stuff on it, a polished bloodwood pedestal with some stuff on it, and a flameoak sideboard with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: west.

On the marble column
Item Price Done
peach lace lady-in-waiting's fan 4,510   
On the chipped saucer
Item Price Done
delicate silk lady-in-waiting's handkerchief 3,170   
On the silk cushion
Item Price Done
polished silver jeweler's loupe with a clear crystal lens 7,667   
On the crooked nail
Item Price Done
domestic servant's feather duster made from gidii feathers 902   

On the velvet-lined tray
Item Price Done
cartographer's eyepiece rimmed in bronze 4,510   
brass scavenger's monocle 1,804   
pair of storyteller's brass reading spectacles 2,255   
pair of inventor's spectacles with multiple retractable lenses 2,255   
pair of wire-rimmed professor's spectacles 2,255   
pair of wire embroiderer's spectacles with half-moon lenses 3,608   No
pair of scribe's reading glasses attached to a slim golden chain 5,863   
protective miner's glasses with clear yellow lenses 3,608   
In the red toolbox
Item Price Done
jar of inventor's goo 451   
pair of steel-handled barber shears 1,804   
rusty barber's razor with bloodstains streaking the dulled blade 992   
mariner's sextant engraved with leaping dolphins 5,772   
cartographer's geometry compass trimmed in silver leaf 902   
plumed innkeeper's quill 2,706   
narrow carpenter's slide rule 225   !!
rugged woodcarver's shaper 451   
sturdy spice merchant's scale 902   
blue-tinted bottle of gardener's pest repellant 451   
On the cast-iron lamppost
Item Price Done
wrought iron gravedigger's lantern 315   
town crier's copper lantern with a rusty hinge 315   
On the wood pegs
Item Price Done
scout's waterskin made from patchwork leather 902   
messenger's waterskin trimmed with silver threading 902   !!
vintner's wine bag 902   !!
On the wheelbarrow
Item Price Done
midwife's herbarium set in a carved oak frame 13,354   
three-legged dairymaid stool with a daisy trim 451   No
charlatan's A-frame sign with painted phrases on it 451   !!
beat-up wooden hermit's sign 90   
On the bloodwood pedestal
Item Price Done
black braided leather torturer's whip 18,040   
short interrogator's quirt with an ivory handle 27,060   
black leather jockey's whip tipped with narrow hide tassels 18,040   
long-handled coachman's whip 18,040   !!

{{ShopHeader|title=On the flameoak sideboard | midwife's chipped ceramic bowl | align="right" | 90||  !! |- | galley slave's wooden food bowl | align="right" | 90||  !! |- | tall charlatan's bottle labeled "Snake Oil" | align="right" | 405||  !! |- | sturdy potter's trowel with a wooden grip | align="right" | 135||  !! |- |}

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, North Wing]
With years on the job and some plain common sense, it's abundantly clear that some tasks will require protection of various sorts, like gloves or even a mask. Of the broad ranging spectrum of items for sale, be they pieces of clothing or fluff, the articles fashioned from leather or mail are the best for preserving your duff. You also see a wrought iron armor stand with some stuff on it, a collection of hatstands with some stuff on it, and a shield rack with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: north, south.

{{ShopItem| t=a | pair of worn leather gamekeeper's gloves
On the armor stand
Item Price Done
pair of pristinely white leather mime's gloves ?   No
pair of thick leather wrangler's gloves ?   No
pair of bulky fishmonger's gloves ?   No
pair of dirty scavenger's gloves ?   No
pair of heavy ratcatcher's gloves ?   No
leather-palmed canvas sailmaker's gloves ?   !!!!
scuffed pair of leather woodcutter's gloves ?   !!
pair of padded leather woodcutter's gloves ?   No
pair of ragged leather gravedigger's gloves ?   No
dusky black leather gravedigger's gloves with reinforced palms ?   !!
tan suede chef's oven mitts ?   !!
pair of falconer's gauntlets tooled with overlapping bronze scales ?   No
pale blue leather falconer's gauntlets ?   !!!!
{{ShopItem| t=a | black leather torturer's mask
On the hatstands
Item Price Done
dark leather bandit's mask with narrow slits for eyes ?   !!
brown leather highwayman's mask with small oval eye-holes ?   !!
dashing scarlet leather swashbuckler's mask with tilted eye slits ?   
stark white leather mime's mask edged in black ?   !!!!
somber black executioner's hood ?   
brown leather hangman's hood edged with staggered rows of brass studs ?   
blackened leather alchemist's cowl with transparent eyeplates ?   
On the shield rack
Item Price Done
wooden butcher board ?   No
rusty iron jailer's food tray ?   !!
barmaid's sturdy wicker tray ?   !!
dented bronze gladiator's shield ?   !!
discolored potter's wheel ?   No

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, North Wing Terminus]
The furthermost reaches of this massive black tent are reserved for the dangerous stuff. The clinking is loud with more coin being spent and the "clients" look slightly more rough. As if fully expecting that sort of folk here, all the workers have sharp, darting eyes, but the one thing that's clear is there's no hint of fear and they're ready for any surprise. You also see a wooden trough, a scrubbed butcher's block with some stuff on it, and a rosewood weapons display with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: south.

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, West Wing]
Uniforms and livery, costumes and attire, ensembles and regalia that every job requires are here awaiting purchase, be it one item or more, sold by clerks with buttons marked "By Idon, what a store!" Everything a heart desires, anything your job requires, is sold here to the public. Cloaks and tunics! Belts and robes! They haven't missed a trick! Shoppers scurry to and fro and gawk at the selection, pointing out their favorite things with genuine affection. You also see a beveled mirror with a red gold belly dancer's hip-chain draped with midnight ruby studded medallions on it, a rickety pine valet with some stuff on it, a satinwood garter tree with some stuff on it, a maple wardrobe carved with shirts and vests, a closed laundry hamper with some stuff on it, and a white ash cabinet.
Obvious exits: east, west.

[Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet, West Wing Terminus]
The western recesses hold cloaks, hats and dresses in various colors and sizes. The shop clerks and minions give helpful opinions on stuff it seems no one despises. Assortments, collections and wares for inspection are laid out in all of their glory, while women and men, their relations and kin, buy additions for their inventory. You also see an oak cloak rack with some stuff on it, some old fenceposts with some stuff on it, a painted poplar wardrobe, a rosewood shoe tree with some stuff on it, and a brightly painted glovebox with some stuff on it.
Obvious exits: east.