Havor's Forge

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Havor's Forge
Province Zoluren
Town Tiger Clan
Map Ranik's Map 4a
Owner Havor
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Tiger Clan Home, Havor's Forge]
The smell of hot iron assails you as you enter the domain of Havor, the Gor'Tog blacksmith. A massive anvil and stone forge stand side by side on the hard dirt floor, and tools of the blacksmith's craft lay neatly arranged on a wooden bench. Several grinding wheels and a bin holding lengths of iron make up the rest of Havor's shop. You also see a display wall with some stuff on it, a hardwood table with a soot-covered catalog on it, and Havor Foehammer.

Note: You may be able to haggle for lower prices depending on your Charisma.

Page 1 - Pigsticker
Item Price Done
Plain short sword 312   
Page 2 - Skullcrushers
Item Price Done
Tiger-toothed morning star 1,250   
Hooked battle axe 700   
Massive double-bladed broadaxe 5,000   
Heavy war hammer 312   
Sturdy mace 312   
Tiger claw mace 625   
War mattock 812