Grate Expectations

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Grate Expectations
Event Hollow Eve Festival 417, Hollow Eve Festival 421, Hollow Eve Festival 425, Hollow Eve Festival 428, Hollow Eve Festival 432
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

Sales Floor

[Grate Expectations, Sales Floor]
Fire burns merrily in a handful of display models, permeating the area with the scent of burning wood and raising the temperature to a nearly intolerable range. A Kaldar lad busies himself stoking fires, cleaning grates and polishing brass and wood to mirror finish.
You also see a soot-stained door and a young Kaldar merchant.
Obvious exits: north.

Item Price Done
golden shield-shaped firepit with a crossed-sword piercing upon the lid - fire 250,000   !!
blue marble brazier resting in an ornately chiseled base - fire 145,000   
black granite mallet-shaped chiminea - fire 140,000   !!
animite-laced granite brazier with crossed-hammer piercings - fire 2,000,000   
creamy marble columnar brazier inset with bouquets of golden lilies - fire 250,000   
silver-veined black marble chiminea embellished with a spiraling ivy inlay - fire 600,000   !!
gold marble quatrefoil firepit with a star-pierced brass lid - fire 140,000   !!
mosaic clay chiminea supported by wrought-iron dragons - fire 600,000   !!

Fireplace Displays

[Grate Expectations, Fireplace Displays]
Vibrant brocades and thick carpets attempt to hide the dark metal walls throughout the vast area which displays a variety of ornate fireplaces. Several lanterns hang overhead casting a soft glow over the woodsy-scented area.
You also see a Kaldar merchant.
Obvious exits: south.

Item Price Done
massive alabaster fireplace with a wide mantel supported by rearing horses - fire 300,000   !!
broad fieldstone fireplace with carved goldenoak columns - fire 300,000   !!
black-veined white marble fireplace flanked with ornately carved lions - fire 800,000   !!
stately white marble fireplace accented with sprawling golden oak reliefs - fire 3,500,000   !!
gold-veined black marble fireplace with frosted glass doors - fire 1,200,000   !!
towering riverstone fireplace with a carved heartwood mantel - fire 800,000   !!