Dual load

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Barb thumb.jpgBarbarian Guild
Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Dual load
Requirements: 30 Agility, 30 Reflex, and 201 in Bows skill
Slot Cost: 0
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: other / -
Effect: Fires two arrows simultaneously.
Messaging: You reach into your <container> to load the <bow> with some <type> arrows.

Dual load is the ability to load two arrows at the same time and is shared between the Rangers, the Barbarians, and now the Thief guild.




Using the ability will fire two arrows, the first with the normal conditions, such as aiming, and the second with the power of a snap shot. Also it is important to note that they land at the exact same time, so effects from the first hit (such as stunning) will not improve the second hit.


This ability requires 201 ranks in bows, 30 Reflex, 30 Agility, and Guild-specific requirements. Rangers must have the See the Wind spell active, Barbarians must be under the effects of Eagle Form, and a Thief must use Khri Steady.