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Status: Alive
Guild: Trader
Race: Olvi
Gender: Male
Associates: Zasele, Poltu
Tasks: craft

You see Blacksmith Bradyn, an Olvi Trader.
Bradyn has a chiseled face, dark blue eyes and a prominent nose. His jet-black hair is cut into the shape of a bowl around his head. He has a ruddy complexion and a muscular figure.
He appears to be in his prime.

He has several thick scars that begin at his hands and extend up each arm.

He is wearing a brown crafting apron trimmed with barghest-bone, an open-faced farandine blue shirt, a large cave-troll leather belt laden with engineering tools, and some marble-hide leather work boots.

Bradyn was first seen at the Hollow Eve Festival 414 & has been available at each Hollow Eve festival since with the exception of 436 & 439. He gives out tasks that use the Engineering system to complete.

Task Requirements

This is for the Hollow Eve Festival 447 (2023) event: For a fee of 5 gold kronar, Bradyn will provide you with one of the instructions below and direct you to return with 5-8 completed items:

* note: you can check TASK to see your progress when you've accepted a task.

In exchange for these items you will receive a woven sack which will include some coin, some common gems and some crafting materials.

  • Task requests from past years can be found on the archive page.

Random Crafting Material Rewards


Mechanic Bradyn wanders about the area and calls out, "Any crafters of engineering talents can lend aid and receive a a prize bag! Gems, coins and materials for multiple crafts could be in your bag for the low cost of 5 gold to try. You must supply your own materials for crafting. Please, ask me about my work for more information!"

A young ropemaker approaches Mechanic Bradyn. He nods in reply, and the two chat for a while. Bradyn rummages in his apron for a moment, and then produces a small package. After Bradyn hands it over, a young ropemaker looks appreciative and wanders off.

Bradyn listens intently to an older cleric lad. He hands over an armful of lumber and bone materials. Bradyn harumphs a bit, then nods at the boy and provides a handful of coins in return. The lad bows profusely and dashes off through the crowd in a hurry.

Mechanic Bradyn places both his hands together and rubs at his many scars.

A Gor'Tog guard approaches Mechanic Bradyn. He nods in reply, and the two chat for a while. Bradyn rummages in his apron for a moment, and then produces a small package. After Bradyn hands it over, a Gor'Tog guard looks appreciative and wanders off.

Bradyn flips an orlog out from within a pocket on his apron. After glancing at the device, Bradyn spends a moment in quiet reflection, then flips it closed and stuffs it back inside.

Ask Bradyn about Bradyn

Bradyn wipes his brow and says, "Some around here know my story. Used to work around here as a lead engineer, until an accident nearly took my arms away. Now I help provide a little extra for the hard workers that make this possible every four years."

Ask Bradyn for Task


Mechanic Bradyn grins and stares at you for several moments. At last, he nods and says, "Alright so you need some help? The contract is you must give me 5 gold Dokoras. This covers the administration fees for the project. If you agree to this, just ask again and I'll write you down as a right honorable Elothean."

Bradyn adds, "You'll have to provide your own materials, of course. I have several things to offer as payment for completing the project." He smiles. "You pay the fee, craft the products, and then get your reward."
[ASK BRADYN FOR TASK again if you agree to his terms.]


Mechanic Bradyn smiles at you and says,"Excellent, so you are interested? Well alright, then. Let's just make sure you caught what I previously explained."

Bradyn says, "You'll need to make 7 engineered products for the workers of the spider. I need stone and bone carved furniture, bone armor, stone blocks and stone carved tools."

Bradyn adds, "We do require the items be well-made or better, and for bone items you should use at least six pieces to make them. Please do not try giving me anything you want to keep. I'm also unable to promise this endeavor will be profitable to you. These tasks are to help the workers here though occasionally I may have something nice to offer in reward."

Bradyn concludes, "If you proceed, I'll be asking for that fee and will set you to work."

[You may accept by typing ACCEPT TASK, or decline by typing DECLINE TASK]


Mechanic Bradyn nods, approaches you and holds out a hand,saying, "Please give me the 5 gold coins and we can draw up the contract."
Mechanic Bradyn accepts the coins and pockets them. He nods and says, "That looks very good and you may begin. Please don't bring me anything stolen or goods made by hands other than your own."

He pulls out a piece of paper you hadn't seen before and explains, "Just as we agreed. Don't forget the fine print -- if you don't bring it to me before this here spider leaves, I will not owe you a reward. No refunds neither." He nods and walks away.
[You can check your progress with the TASK verb.]