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Status: Alive
Guild: Thief
Race: Elf
Gender: Female

Maiden Alrina is a Mountain Elf who once served as Natashya Dalterein's loyal personal handmaiden as well as briefly as the Lady in Waiting to Princess Arilana of Zoluren. She is known for being moody, petulant, and at times downright sociopathic. She was at one time obsessed with the color white and would wear or speak well of nothing else, but following the death of Natashya, she began preferring black instead.

Alrina's past is shrouded in mystery, but what is known about her is that she was raised in seclusion for most of her life on a boat by pirates. An alchemical process begun as a child turned her into a second generation venefica, turning the very tissues of her body toxic and causing any of her bodily fluids, such as blood or saliva, to be fatally poisonous. A side effect of the same process that granted her body its uniquely toxic properties affects her mind, driving her to insane fits. It is by this that her usual title of Maiden is inspired, as that is what she is and will likely always remain, on pain of death of any that would try to change it.

It was these properties that caused Alrina to be sent to Natashya by Aedem as a gift. Freed from the solitary and lonely life, she became immediately attached to her new master to the point of obsession. Loyal and grateful, Alrina peformed whatever was bid of her - most prominently including becoming Lady in Waiting to Princess Arilana. She remained in the Princess' service until shortly after the Princess' first miscarriage, which some suspect she was responsible for causing.

Alrina's preferred method of both murder and amusing herself is using her body's inherently poisonous properties to various ends. A mere kiss on the cheek is known to cause intense pain for some time to come, much to her amusement, and a kiss on the lips is almost always fatal.

In recent times following the death of her mistress she has grown desperately attached to Ragad. Upon Natashya's 'death' Ragad was tasked to look out for Alrina and he along with Majebrad and Mazrian delivered her to back to the Mountain elf clan and Queen Morganae, where there might be some chance of reversing the process in accordance with an unknown deal Natashya struck with the Queen many years ago.

She is now in the care of the Sisters of the Rose.

Appearance 394 AV (After Natashya's death)

You see Maiden Alrina, an Elf.
Her stark white hair is a mass of unruly locks hanging about her face in an odd ring. Thick lashes rim a pair of deep emerald eyes that are wide and tinged with the residue of pain. Her frame is reminiscent of a dancer's. She has a heart-shaped mole just to the left of her full lips.
She is young.
She is in good shape.

She is wearing a white satin cape with an ermine lined hood, a white silk bodice laced up the back with braided silver ties, an albredine crystal ring, a red silken pouch, a pair of charcoal grey suede pants that fit snugly down to the ankle and some supple black leather boots cross-wrapped with fine silver wires.