Young flowergirl

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Young flowergirl
Province Qi'Reshalia
Town Ratha
Map Ranik's Map 90
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Lirums

The young flowergirl can be found wandering the 2nd & 3rd tiers of Ratha. There may be 2 separate flowergirl's at any given time, however they appear to share the same item list, have the same look, same atmospherics, etc.


The flowergirl is a young S'kra Mur urchin with deep olive scales, slitted silver eyes and a gap-toothed grin. She wears a rumpled dress of an indeterminate color, and a rather tattered woolen shawl. She carries a shallow wooden tray filled with flowers for sale. She gazes up at you with a hopeful smile, just waiting for you to ask her about her flowers.


To check her current inventory:

  • ask flowergirl about flower
The flowergirl smiles shyly at you, saying "Aye, lovely flowers I've got today, perfect fer ye." She shows you a shallow tray with the following items in it:
"Iff'n any of these appeal to ye, just ORDER it," she says with a gap-toothed smile.
[order # from flowergirl]


On the stone shelves
Item Price Done
aromatic bouquet of fire roses nestled in a bed of moss ?   
aromatic bouquet of wild roses and white heather 1,980   No
cascading bouquet of purple irises and Idon's trumpets 760   No
cascading bouquet of white and purple lilacs 900   No
charming bouquet of white roses with spikey stalks of lavender 1,170   No
charming bouquet of wild snake lilies and almagarus blossoms 1,170   
circlet of pale pink rosebuds and baby's breath 800   
circlet of violets twined with cascading ribbons 300   No
colorful wreath of vibrant red poppies and baby's breath 1,440   
dainty bouquet of heaven's wing blossoms on a bed of wylla ferns 900   No
dainty crown of magnolias and honeysuckle 750   
delicate bouquet of blue sjarta blossoms and starry white narcissus ?   No
delicate bouquet of lepradria orchids in a bed of purple river moss 1,944   No
delicate bouquet of pink-tinged peace rosebuds and tiny white baby's breath on a bed of damp moss 2,340   No
delicate bouquet of wild orchids on a bed of cinnamon ferns 2,880   No
elegant bouquet of calla lilies twined with gilded ribbons 1,400   No
fragrant bouquet of deep purple pansies on a bed of feathery ferns 666   
formal bouquet of deep red roses and baby's breath 1,584   No
fragrant bouquet of jes-roses twined with Elven ivy 990   No
fragrant bouquet of yellow freesia and white starflowers 830   
fragrant lavender and rosemary tussie-mussie 550   
wreath of oxeye daisies interwoven with deep green ribbons 540   
The arrangements offered rotate.


  • A young flowergirl sprinkles some water on the flowers in her tray.
  • A young flowergirl leans back, fanning her face with her hand.
  • A young flowergirl shifts the straps holding her tray of flowers, rubbing her shoulders ruefully.
  • A young flowergirl bends over awkwardly, shifting her tray to her hip as she rubs her bare feet.
  • A young flowergirl picks up a <item in her current stock>, sniffing at it with a pleased smile, then places it carefully in the damp moss which lines her tray.
  • A young flowergirl smiles up at you with a gap-toothed grin, whispering "Would ye like t'buy a posey?" She points to her tray, filled with an array of flowers.
  • A young flowergirl calls out in a sing-song voice, "Pretty flowers fer a lass named Hazel, buy fresh roses while ye're able! Sing and dance the night away, refreshed by the scent of a floral boo-kay! Fresh flowers here, fresh flowers!"