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The yataghan consists of a single-edged blade with a marked forward curve and a hilt formed of two grip plaques attached through the tang, the end of the hilt being shaped like large ears. The gap between the grips is covered by a metal strap, which is often decorated. The blade varies from 60 to 80 cm in length and is curved forward (like the Iberian falcata, or Greek kopis), sometimes reclining backwards again towards the very end. This blade form is often referred to as being 'recurved.' While the back of the blade is made of softer steel, the sharp edge is made of hard, tempered steel for durability.

The hilt has no guard, 'bolsters' of metal connect the grips to the shoulder of the blade. Having no guard, the yatagan fitted closely into the top of the scabbard; this was customarily worn thrust into a waist sash, retained by hook.[1]

DragonRealms Specific Information

None known, though the only known version is sold in Muspar'i, indicating a potention link to S'kra Mur or Sand Elf culture.


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Silver-etched yataghan with a carved bone hiltTuul Shho'i'yvvh-urtruetrue
Weapon:Silver-etched yataghan with a carved bone hiltTuul Shho'i'yvvh-urfalse

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