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Xyngleburt Pfeffernusse
Status Retired
Race Gnome
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You are Unraveler of Truth Xyngleburt Pfeffernusse, Blademaster of the Prophets, a Gnome.
You have an oval face, slightly pointed ears, sullenly glowing blue eyes and a freckled nose. Your golden brown hair is short and thick, and is worn in a mop of unruly cowlicks. You have fair skin and a thin build.
You are tiny for a Gnome.
Some Xibar-blue moon pearls accented by diamonds float lazily around your neck, glowing with a lustrous sheen against your skin.
You are an adult.
You have a thick mustache that leads into a short, bushy beard. Countless glass beads adorn the beard, twined around tiny braids to create a rippling gradient of rainbow hues.

You are wearing an elegantly styled wirework circlet centered with a trilliant-cut rainbow sapphire, a purple silk blindfold, a platinum eyebrow ring studded with a single uncut amethyst, a disk-shaped moon mage's white gold earring that appears to shift through moon phases in the light, a rainbow sapphire amulet strung upon an Elven silver chain, a long purple cloak stitched with the image of a golden closed eye, a grey pygmy owl charm displaying swirling charoite eyes, an iridescent covellite scarab with filigree orichalcum wings, a midnight black cotton harness featuring long rainbow-hued wings, a moon mage's wristlet of beaded gold covered in an array of multi-colored crystal shards, an indigo nightsilk sack with silver stars and subtle striations, a silver-hued parry stick with reinforced silken straps, some darkstone hand claws, an ashen grey coral ring bearing the Estate Holder's crest, an amethyst ring embossed with the hourglass symbol of the G'nar Pethians, a blue glass ring, a silver fate reaver's band set with a square-cut phantom sapphire, an amethyst signet ring etched with a constellation, an engineer's belt of garnet-colored bourde, a shadowy blademaster's weapons belt with palladium buckles, a silver studded divinator's belt of deep blue bourde, a pair of translucent pants, a jagged obsidian-bladed ankle knife, some silver-toed footwraps with Musparan silk straps and a simple pair of black sandals.


  • Perception: Clear Vision, Piercing Gaze, Locate, Distant Gaze, Machinist's Touch, Seer's Sense, Artificer's Eye, Aura Sight, Tenebrous Sense, Unleash, Destiny Cipher
  • Psychic Projection: Calm, Mental Blast, Sleep, Hypnotize, Telekinetic Throw, Telekinetic Storm, Psychic Shield, Rend, Thoughtcast, Mind Shout
  • Moonlight Manipulation: Shadows, Focus Moonbeam, Dazzle, Refractive Field, Steps of Vuan, Burn, Moonblade, Dinazen Olkar, Shape Moonblade, Cage of Light, Shift Moonbeam
  • Enlightened Geometry: Shadowling, Shadow Servant, Teleport, Whole Displacement, Moongate, Riftal Summons
  • Stellar Magic: Starlight Sphere, Invocation of the Spheres, Shadewatch Mirror, Read the Ripples
  • Teleologic Sorcery: Tangled Fate
  • Scrolls: Soul Shield, Manifest Force
  • Generic Cantrips: Meah K'et ("flare"), Veiled Identity ("face"), Kinetic Fling ("fling"), Scorch ("label").
  • Sect-Related Cantrips: Melyo'a Ihean ("eye"), Sumilo Aev ("view"), Maren Alshabi ("disclose")
  • Magic feats: Sorcerous Patterns, Silent Preparation, Basic Preparation Recognition, Alternate Preparation, Utility Mastery, Improvised Rituals, Deep Attunement, Raw Channeling, Efficient Channeling, Efficient Harnessing, Improved Memory, Magic Theorist and Dedicated Cambrinth Use.


A shadowy blademaster's weapons belt with palladium buckles.
Supple shadow-black bands and plates of firecat-skin leather, masterfully fitted for ease of movement, support multiple straps and buckles designed to secure several weapons of varying size and weight. Adjustable straps attached to either side of the belt allow for the bulk of the weight to be distributed evenly. A palladium plate buckle set with a fiery Yavash-coloured trillion-cut lava topaz holds the main belt snugly in place around the waist when worn.
You study your belt and think you could potentially PUSH, PULL, TIE (item) to belt, and UNTIE.
Your belt will accept a total of 7 items. You think you can tie the following items: staff, quarterstaff, scythe, halberd, lance, spear, axe, maul, cane, pike, khuj, bardiche, hammer, mallet, mace, sledgehammer.
A sepulchral Shadow Servant.
Soft leather boots inlaid with lurid purple knotwork around the cuffs.
Lurid purple knotwork has been inlaid along the cuffs of these buttery soft boots, made from hard jade. Otherwise unadorned, the boots also feature several Pethian symbols inside the sole symbolically hidden from view.
Note: As per Dokaya's alteration rules she was the sole designer of this item.
An iridescent covellite scarab with filigree orichalcum wings.
Dark indigo covellite forms the body and striated outer wings of the scarab, light playing off of the iridescence with every movement. Cunningly attached by hinges just below the carapace, the outer wings swing open to reveal cleverly hidden fiery gold inner wings of delicate filigree orichalcum. Faceted sightless eyes of deepest purple amethyst adorn the head and a small sandstone closed eye, minutely etched with stylized beasts, is discreetly inset in the belly.
  • LTB alteration
A simple pair of <colour> (sandals|clogs).
Comfortable yet practical, the only adornment on each of the (sandals|clogs) is a subtly embossed closed eye on the <colour> leather of each adjustable strap.
  • TURN while held: Swaps between sandals and clogs.
You adjust the strap on your <colour> sandals from the backward position to the front position.
You adjust the strap on your <colour> clogs from the front position to the backward position.
  • RUB while worn: Changes to a random colour:
As you rub your sandals they become <colour> right before your eyes!
Possible colours: black, blue, bone-coloured, bright orange, bright red, brown, dark blue, dark red, green, grey, forest green, golden, lavender, leaf green, purple, rose-coloured, royal-blue, silver, sky blue, tan, teal, violet, white, yellow
A silver fate reaver's band set with a square-cut phantom sapphire.
Polished to a brilliant shine, the beveled metal is a marvel of perfection. The centerpiece is set flush with the width of the band, raised slightly to allow its artful construction to catch the light. Flanking the magnificent gem on one side, tiny ruby, sapphire and onyx cabochons are arranged in the shape of a crescent moon, providing an imaginative contrast. In the night's semidarkness, the phantom sapphire exhibits a midnight blue hue. (Alternately: Under indoor lighting, the phantom sapphire exhibits a shadowy grey hue. Alternately: In the daylight, the phantom sapphire exhibits a bright ultramarine hue.)
An indigo nightsilk sack with silver stars and subtle striations.
Elegantly stitched in gleaming thread, a multitude of celestial shapes shoots across the glossy deep purple fabric. The clever craftsmanship makes it impossible to tell whether the stars are falling from or returning to the silken indigo skies.

Stats and Skills

Stats & Skills
Circle 133
Strength 40 Agility 70 Intelligence 87 Wisdom 58
Stamina 44 Reflex 87 Discipline 59 Charisma 58
Shield Usage 404 Light Armor 410 Chain Armor 3 Brigandine 7
Plate Armor 5 Defending 407
Parry Ability 394 Small Edged 361 Large Edged 161 Twohanded Edged 157
Small Blunt 6 Large Blunt 12 Twohanded Blunt Slings 4
Bows 25 Crossbows 1 Staves 155 Polearms 22
Light Thrown 352 Heavy Thrown 352 Brawling 359 Offhand Weapon 375
Melee Mastery 388 Missile Mastery 368
Lunar Magic 800 Attunement 719 Arcana 734 Targeted Magic 467
Augmentation 703 Debilitation 469 Utility 697 Warding 668
Sorcery 460 Astrology 622
Evasion 467 Athletics 323 Perception 560 Stealth 410
Locksmithing 351 Thievery 25 First Aid 341 Outdoorsmanship 473
Skinning 445
Forging 150 Engineering 62 Outfitting 49 Alchemy 64
Enchanting Scholarship 465 Mechanical Lore 328 Appraisal 489
Performance 14 Engineering 62