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Empath thumb.jpgEmpathGuild
Wound Redirection
Requirements: 320 Empathy, 60th
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: healing / empathy
Description: Salvur's nostrils flare. "Redirect? Pah. I didn't get into this line to heal Prydaen tails, but that seems to be the thing most people think the redirect ability is most useful for. Prydaen tails! The researchers who discovered it must be -mortified-. I know I would be. Redirect simply lets you choose where to transfer an injury. Prydaen tails."

Salvur rolls his eyes extravagantly and gouges his stick into the turf.

When you do not immediately leave, he narrows his eyes at you. "Still here? Not satisfied with Prydaen tails? Harrumph. Redirect is really most useful in triage situations, if you -must- know. Think about it! Use your brain! You can transfer a critical chest wound to your arm, leg, eye...anything you can spare more than you can spare your chest. It really has revolutionized battle triage. I raise my glass to the researchers. Metaphorically, of course." Salvur frowns sourly.

He closes his eyes and grows still, then looks up at you pensively. "Hmm. I suppose you are ready to learn about redirect yourself, aren't you? Fine. Come here." Salvur takes your arm roughly, and does -something- that you can only sense with your supernatural empathy. He repeats the process over and over, then releases your arm with a grumble. "If you haven't learned it by now, you're not going to. Just go out and try it. See how you do."

Dagreth considers you silently for a few moments before speaking. "Redirect, yes. A handy thing to know. Contrary to what you may have heard, not all Empaths have tails. The redirect ability allows us to choose where to transfer a given injury, or even all injuries. Healing a bruised S'Kra Mur tail as a Dwarf is then possible. Simply redirect the wound from the tail to your hand, say, or leg, or head. Easy."

He continues, "-Very- useful for a battle healer, you'll find. Transfer injuries to vital areas to things you won't miss so much. Chest to arm, head to eye. Very useful indeed. But one must be very careful, as it adds another thing to keep track of in triage. And there is usually enough to worry about to start."

Dagreth grasps your forearm gruffly, a tingle flashing all through your body. After a few more moments he nods then says, "You're ready to learn, I think. Pay attention now. It's a delicate operation..." He spends several roisaen demonstrating the technique for you, until you're certain you can carry it out yourself. Dagreth says, "Be careful with that, now." He nods at you once more before turning away.

Effect: , , , , Changes the destination of transferred wounds for five minutes.
Messaging: You are now redirecting wounds and scars to the left hand to your right eye.

You are now redirecting all wounds and scars to your tail.


REDIRECT ALL to {body part} - Redirects all transferred wounds and scars to selected body part.
REDIRECT {body part} to {body part} - Chooses a specific body part to redirect.
REDIRECT CHECK - Shows your current redirection status.
REDIRECT CANCEL - Cancels any current redirection active.


Only works with take or transfer, not unity link.