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  • N/A Firulf gathers the Elemental Mages
  • 3099 BL Fire Clan discovers Blackfire magic
  • 3091 BL Fire Clan attacks Iron Clan
  • 3090 BL Fire Clan uses Blackfire to destroy the Iron Clan settlements
  • 3076 BL The Blackfire Cabal is defeated by "The Four" using the Voidspell
  • 3070?? BL The Council is formed by remnants of The Four
  • 3070?? BL The Citadel (Chyolvea Tayeu'a) is built
  • 2764?? BL The Council is disbanded and abandons the Citadel
  • 1015 BL The Elven-Human War begins
  • 1004 BL The S'Kra Wind Clan is destroyed by the attempt to use powerful magics forbidden by the Guardians.
  • 1003 BL The Elven-Human War ends; Lanival and Sable are born
  • 908 BL The Seven Star Empire is created; Verek is the first Emperor
  • 866 BL The Imperial Board of Wizardry is established
  • 863 BL The College of War Magic receives Board of Wizardry sanctioning
  • 757 BL The Gealeranendae College of Magical History is established in Therenborough
  • 706 BL The Seven Star Empire outlaws sorcery
  • 403 BL The Zaulfung Stones are erected to strengthen the barrier to the Plane of Abiding
  • 239 BL The Resistance War begins
  • 231 BL Lanival is captured by Teiro's troops. The Battle of the Spine takes place. Teiro dies, ending the Resistance War
  • 230 BL The Imperial land is divided into five sovereign states (Zoluren, Therengia, Ilithi, Qi, and Forfedhdar)
  •  ?? BL The modern Warrior Mage guild is formed by Arhat
  • 191 BL With two of the Five Provinces under their control, the Dragon's Empire is established as a theocracy Dzree as Empress/High Priestess
  • 160 BL The bulk of Surlaenis Island falls to the Empire, but they are unable to pass the Selhin Ilga and the Sentinels to take the main city
  • 1 BL The Dragon's Empire crumbles
  • 204 AV Arhat dies in the Crossing
  • 249 AV The Mage of Storms leaves Shard
  • 256 AV The Mage of Storms returns to Shard, and is killed. His stormcloud remains over Dertalriosh Endaertheal'a
  • 351 AV Sicle Grove Village is destroyed by an eruption of the Greater Fist of Heaven, triggered by the Warrior Mage Mibgluc
  • 352 AV Arhat's Tower is destroyed--Mibgluc is driven into hiding
  • 353 AV The Crossing and Riverhaven Warrior Mage Guildhalls are rebuilt
  • 354 AV The Gorbesh War begins
  • 359 AV The Sorrow War begins
  • 363 AV Sorrow and Prayk are annihlated attempting to harness the power Zaulfung Stones, ending the Sorrow War