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The UNWRAP command is used to remove the bandages from a wound. The is done in order to maximize First Aid learning from each TEND, to allow another person to re-bandage the wound, or to remove the bleeding status from a tended wound that has been healed.

Syntax and Usage

You may undo the affects of TENDing to an injured area by using the UNWRAP command to remove the bandages.

Format: UNWRAP {MY|<character>} {area}

{area} may be one of:
       head          chest
       abdomen       back
       neck          tail
       right arm     left arm
       right hand    left hand
       right leg     left leg
       right eye     left eye




Approximately five roisaen after your wound has been tended, you will get the following message:

You feel like now might be a good time to change the bandages on your <area>.

This means that the previous tend has stopped teaching First Aid skill. Unwrapping and re-tending it will begin a new cycle of experience pulses.

The roundtime incurred by unwrapping is based on a comparison of the First Aid skill of the person who unwrapped compared to the original tender. If they are the same person, the RT is 20 seconds. The maximum RT is 30 seconds. The unwrap time diminishes the longer into the full tending cycle you wait before unwrapping.


Access to vaults is forbidden if you have a bleeding wound, even if it is tended. You must heal and unwrap the wound before entering the vaults.

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