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Vaults are storage spaces where you may place inventory items you can not or do not wish to carry on your character. Vault facilities are located throughout the realms in major cities, and appear as a Carousel square.

Vaults are available for all subscribed characters. Vaults for subscribed accounts hold 150 items, which can be expanded using a "vault expansion" purchased with SimuCoins. Premium and Platinum accounts have vaults starting at 200 items, and will expand over time.[1] Use of the TIME command at the carousel desk where vault rent is paid will show you your vault item inventory cap.

The company that provides the vault space is run by the Rundmolen brothers, and only accepts payment in kronars no matter what city you are located in.

Payment for 30 days (RL) rent is five gold kronars, payable at the desk located inside the carousel square. When the 30 days is up, you cannot access your vault until you pay another 5,000 kronars.


Your vault can be moved to a carousel square within another city. A fee of 25 gold Kronars will be assessed for transfers, unless you move your belongings yourself. Transfer is available within a few minutes as an estate holder perk and is available for non estate holders within a 1-4 hour window by typing TRANSFER or RING BELL at the carousel desk.

Lost & Found

Each Carousel Square also has a Lost & Found bin located at the payment desk.

Note in some cases items which are lost by players may be recovered without GM intervention. Check NEWS 2 29 for details in game and visit the Lost and Found at the Carousel Square (vaults).

NEWS 2 29: For the past several months, the janitor has been working with the local registrar's office as well as the Estate Holder Council, who primarily oversees the creation of special bonded items. When he's found an item with notations of bonding or registration, he's been trying his best to save them. Now, however, he has more than he can hang on to and is ready to return what he recovered to their rightful owners!

To check to see if you have any recovered items, please visit your local Carousel Square Vaults and check the Lost & Found bin at the desk where you pay your rental fees. Simply OPEN BIN, and if the janitor had anything in his possession, it will be handed over to you. No fee! No questions! No fuss!

PLEASE NOTE: As has been said all along, having an item registered or bonded increases the chance that it could be restored in certain cases of loss, but it has NEVER been guaranteed. This system will NOT save every bonded and registered item, as there are many forms of the janitor and not all are within our power to manage. However, where we can, the janitor has been updated to save items that are bonded or registered.

Also be aware that this system isn't psychic. It reads who the item is currently bonded or registered to -- if you bought an item registered to someone else, we cannot help you if it returns to the indicated owner. Remember to use REGISTER CHECK to make sure items are properly registered to you!

Item Registration

Carousel Squares also house branches of the item registration offices. The offices can be found at the payment desk. Here you may register your items to provide an in-game record of them; to increase your chances of regaining lost items.


  • Crossing: NW of the bank
  • Dirge: Northeast, northwest from bank
  • Riverhaven: Two east of the town square
  • Theren: North, north, west, west from the gate
  • Muspar'i: Southeast of the entrance to the bank
  • Leth Deriel: South of the city center
  • Shard: Sunstone Street four west from the East Gate
  • Fang Cove: East, east, go (cave) mouth, from the portal
  • Ratha: East, northeast, east from the main docks
  • Aesry: Northwest of the Fourth Stone
  • Mer'Kresh: East of the paladin guild or northwest of the barb guild
  • Inner Hibarnhvidar: South from the shield shop or four east from the Bank
  • Boar Clan: Ranger Guild, from Paglar climb the stairs, south, east, go alcove

Family Vaults

A new family (account) vault system is Live! Account vaults unlock additional storage that is shared between the characters who have unlocked access. They make it easier (and safer) to move items between alts and provide additional storage for those with overflowing vaults already! We've poked our active custom property owners to test it before posting more widely, and the info here should cover some of the questions they raised.

Unlocking: Each character you want to have access requires a lease from the Simucoin store or MT event prize. F2P accounts can unlock the family vault via these leases, and yes it basically just acts as extra storage since they can't have alts. Only characters on the same account can be added -- no sharing between accounts. If you transfer a character to a new account, it loses access to the old vault and must re-purchase a new lease for access to the new account.

Rent: The monthly rent can be paid either with additional Simucoin leases or with in-game Plats, except for F2P accounts (required to purchase additional leases). Rent is for the entire account, not per-character. If Joe pays the rent, then Bob, Sally and Sandra can all access their family's vault (provided Bob, Sally and Sandra each redeemed an initial lease to be added to the tracking). Only a character who has unlocked the family vault can pay rent for it. Your items are not lost if rent expires; you just won't be allowed to access your items until the rent is paid.

Cost: Scoin prices aren't finalized until fully released. In-game versions of the lease at events (like Duskruin) may cost more or less depending on how the particular event's currencies balance out, but shouldn't be too far off from what ends up in the Simucoin store. If paying the rent with in-game coins, it costs 100 platinum Kronars for +30 days. You can pre-pay/redeem as much rent as you want to pay for, but there are no refunds. Don't unlock 12 months of rent and then cancel your account unless you're ok with those funds being gone.

Location: Initially, a few new rooms are being added to the Crossing carousel near the current regular vaults. A new NPC is at the desk to handle family vault rents and checking on remaining time. Down the line, we'll be adding similar facilities to the other carousels around the game. Family vaults are global. Joe can put a scimitar in at the Crossing carousel, and Sandra can pull it out in Shard (when facilities are added there).

Capacity: F2P can store 25 items, Basic gets 75, Premium gets 150, and the Platinum instance gets 200. This does not grow or change over time. An upgrade will be available to double your storage in 30 day increments, but this (likely) won't happen with release. It'll be something we open up down the line.

Organization: Everyone gets a brass hook, steel wire rack, and small shelf. Premium/Platinum also get two drawers. You cannot add additional 'functional furniture' to account vaults at this time.

Vault books?: There is not a similar mechanic for family vaults, yet. Remember urchin runners with BANK? We have plans for a VAULT or LOCKER command that makes use of urchin runners, but that won't be ready by Duskruin. No work has begun on that yet, but it's planned when time allows.

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