Estate Holder Mini-Fest 449

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The Estate Holder Mini-Fest 449 is an estate holder-only event held at the Crossing Amusement Pier in 2024.

Official Description

The Estate Holder's Council has decided to throw a party! Invited merchants from all over will be opening shops up inside the Amusement Park for a few days. Join us for shopping, games, alterations, raffles, and more!

Opening and Closing Dates

Instance Opens Closes
Prime Thursday, June 21, 2024 Sunday, June 30, 2024
Platinum Thursday, June 21, 2024 Sunday, June 30, 2024
The Fallen Thursday, June 21, 2024 Sunday, June 30, 2024



The shops are located in the Crossing Amusement Pier.

Entrance Shop Inventory Restrictions Shop
3 canvas tent Life Clothes On Clothing Yes
3 bamboo lean-to The Dye is Cast Dye, dye cases, dye tub Yes
3 colorful caravan Tatmoos Tattoos Yes
4 hide-covered wagon Call of the Wild Clothing, Backpacks Yes
4 silk tent Head to Toe Clothing, Jewelry Yes
5 wooden wagon Jisi's Raffles Raffles Yes
6 cotton tent Flower Faire Flowers, Jewelry Yes
7 sagging wagon Ithinnu's Clothier and Cobbler Clothing, stock rotates Yes
7 whimsical wagon The Book Wyrm Toy, Container, Clothing, Writing, Mail Yes
8 painted wagon Udderly Delightful Tack, Container, Clothing Yes
8 white tent All That Glitters Clothing, Scroll Stackers, Gem Pouches, Bags. All glittery. Yes
8 colorful tent Boundless Beauty Cosmetics, Jewelry, Containers Yes
9 canvas pavilion Flights of Fancy Wings Yes
9 painted caravan Fallen Angels Clothing Clothing Yes
10 wooden caravan Explorers' Outfitters Clothing Yes
11 tall wagon Alteration Wagon Alteration merchant lounge Yes
11 green stall Jade Dragon Jewelers Jewelry, Teleportation to Fang Cove(?) Yes
12 enormous caravan Festive Fineries Clothing, Container, Candy Yes
12 elaborate wagon The Dog House Puppy Carriers Yes
13 ocean-blue cart Glittery Ocean-Blue Cart Capture the Critter game Yes
14 cedar wagon Maerianna's Traveling Tavern Food, drinks, gaming Yes
15 green tent Monkeying Around monkey pet homes Yes
15 pink caravan This Little Piggy pig homes & accessories (some rare materials) Yes
15 blue wagon Felicitous Floorplans Home Blueprints Yes
16 mahogany-banded wagon The Busy Bee Candles and embroidery Yes
19 colorful wagon The Kitten Emporium kitten pet homes Yes
19 food wagons Fair Faire Fare Food, Drinks Yes
19 oak caravan Exquisite Treasures Jewelry, furniture. Features loveglass and ribbon-stripe. Yes
19 cotton pavilion Unicornucopia Clothing, Animal Costumes Yes


Map Estate Holder Mini Fest 449.png


Dates and times for the auction. Look for the series of sandalwood caravans just inside the entrance of the Amusement Pier. This auction will use Kronars as its only currency.

Instance Auction
Prime Saturday, June 29, 2022 at 9pm ET
Platinum Sunday, June 30, 2022 at 9pm ET
The Fallen ?

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest|room|entrance|shop name (true name)|shop name (display)|inventory|restrictions|done?}}

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