THE FIRST LAND HERALD:ipirhka lakwi to observe guildleader silvyrfrost

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Ipirhka Lakwi to Observe Guildleader Silvyrfrost

419|2|9. During the Duskruin Arena event, I met a Gor’Tog Bard calling herself Ipirhka (see included sketch). When I asked her where she trains, she said, “My training as it were, is done… I’m now observing Silvyrfrost in her daily routines as on order from the Bard council.”

I asked why, and she replied, “They felt I was ready for another step.”

I asked if she was being considered for leadership. She said, “I don’t know how much I can say, actually. So we’ll leave it at that I am observing.”

A sketch at the bottom of the parchment depicts a Gor’Tog woman with a frank face, pale green skin, and very pale eyes. She is dressed neatly in dueling attire, a steel mambeli hanging from her hip, and her boots are fastened up the sides with tiny jet treble clef buttons.

Navesi Daerthon
Editor in Chief, The First Land Herald