Sphere of Protection (2.0)

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Sphere of Protection
Abbreviation: SOP
Prerequisites: 6th Circle (Empaths) 5th Circle (Rangers)
Minimum Prep: 5
Casting Cap: 65
Valid Spell Target: Self/others
Description: The Sphere of Protection spell increases the defensive ability of the person it protects, particularly toward offensive spells from the Life realm. At higher levels of skill, you will notice that this spell extends itself to all in your group, allowing you the ability to cover an entire zone of people.
Example Messaging: A translucent sphere forms around you and shudders like a soap bubble.

The translucent sphere already around you shudders and flickers with newly added invigoration.

The translucent sphere around you suddenly pops like a soap bubble.


  • The Sphere of Protection spell is shared between Rangers and Empaths.
  • This spell can not be currently chosen by Empaths until 6th circle, but this information is shown as 5th on the play.net website and in other places.
  • The evasion defense factor bonus provided by this spell is static, and only the duration changes with added mana.
  • This spell will protect the caster & caster's group from the Swarm spell.
  • This spell is stackable up to the duration cap of 13 roisaen.
  • Around 180 ranks of Primary Magic skill, casting this spell while in or leading a group will cause the everyone in the group to be affected by the spell. If NMUs are in the group, you will have to compensate for magic resistance.
  • This spell does not hurt a Barbarian's Inner Fire.


When Sphere of Protection was first enabled in the realms, it was typically referred to as the Sphere of Death. Casting this spell on an enemy may or may not have given them the boost the spell was supposed to enact, however what is without doubt is that once the spell wore off, the critter would be in mortal danger, even from adventurers far below the level the enemy would be used to slaughtering en masse.

Cougars and Rock Trolls were most often the targets of this spell, as by the time the adventurers were able to hunt much higher things, the spell had already been remedied.

This spell was replaced in Magic 3.0 by Instinct (Rangers) and Iron Constitution (Empaths).