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Shiriann Voorhees
Status Active
Race Elf
Gender Female
Guild Cleric
Instance Prime
Relatives Erixx, Rekon, Mystylaine, Dainera, Raeyel

You are Soul Sunderer Shiriann Voorhees, Resurrector of Elanthia, an Elf. You have a generous mouth, pointed ears, thick-lashed blue-grey eyes and dimples. Your blonde-streaked honey hair is shoulder length and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a black diamond comb shaped like a scorpion with a ruby-tipped stinger. You have tanned skin and a shapely figure. You are young.

You have a tattoo of a blood-red scorpion curled around a black rose on your shoulder. A brilliant orb of rippling cerulean light hovers like a will-o-wisp, following you diligently. You are in good shape.

You are wearing a midnight black helm, a gold and cambrinth hair-clasp etched with a sunrise scene, a silver jadeite gwethdesuan, a platinum kyanite gwethdesuan, a silver eyebrow ring, a serpentine cambrinth earcuff carved in the shape of an adder, some exquisite raven earrings carved in black diamond, a ruby pendant, a delicate ruby necklace shaped like a scorpion whose tail is raised to strike, a fiery red velvet corset laced with black silk cords, a bronze-beaded black suede haversack, a lumpy bundle, a crimson leather frontlaced bodice trimmed with black seed pearls, some perfect firecat-skin leathers, a sinuous cambrinth armband coiled in the shape of a striking adder, a thin silvery armband etched with an unusually formed Clerics' Guild crest, some basilisk fang elbow blades, a crocodile-skin buckler, a matte black bison-hide wrist sheath, some wickedly spiked knuckles, a heavy iron ring set with a pentagonal garnet, a diamond ring, an albredine crystal ring, a wide sword belt with platinum studs and star rubies riveted in an alternating pattern, a glossy raven black silk dance veil, a blood-red prayer sash stitched with dark holy symbols, a scarlet satin gem pouch clasped with a silver cobra, a wicked silver belt knife, an elegant red leather bullwhip with a black-wrapped handle, an embroidered black satin laulivas laufisana, a long supple split skirt of midnight black silk charmeuse, a black silk garter with a delicate lace fringe, a ruby anklet, some steel-toed footwraps with dark steelsilk straps, some low scarlet suede boots with polished ebonwood heels and a silver-hued parry stick with reinforced silken straps.

You affirmed your vows with Erixx before the gods in the 6th month of Arhat the Fire Lion in the year of the Iron Toad, 424

'The Beginning…..'

Making her way as quickly and carefully as she can, a willowy elven woman moves silently through the swamp that surrounds the mountain side encampment of the clan on three sides. Whispering a prayer of thanks to Tamsine that she was finally able to find an opening to escape from nearly two years of capture, Sylthana continues to the forest in the distance as fast as her very pregnant body will allow. Staying vigilant and moving mostly at night, to avoid soldiers on both sides, cursing the war that put her in this situation, Sylthana continues to make her way steadily back to her smoi (husband) Erren and her clan's fall settlement on the plains.

Arriving just before dawn Sylthana finally reaches her clan , weak and exhausted she collapses after whistling out her greeting for the sentries….. Awakening hours later in her bed, home for the first time in just over two years she sees her smoi Erren, and young daughter Shiriann at her bedside. Clutching his hand and hugging her daughter as the child falls across her, Sylthana tells of her capture, confinement, and her current condition. Exhausted again she drifts back in to blackness …

Weeks later, she again finds herself back in bed, this time caught in the thrones of labor. Hours later as dawn colors the sky the first wails of a newborn fill the air. Knowing the new addition to their family had finally arrived, and immensely curious, Shiriann crept to the door of her parents room and peered around the door frame into the small room. Hearing her Towis ask about naming "her" she smiled happily knowing she had a little shostro (sister). Jumping in surprise when her mother says “yes, I was talking about you, come meet your new sister…”. Shiri cautiously approached her parents asking “what is her name Gemia (mother)?” Her mothers expression turns thoughtful, then lights up as a small sparrow lands on the window sill and begins it's warbling song. “We will call her Licuti Cimi… Mystylaine to those not of the clan.” Smiling at the name, she leans in and coos at her new sister.

'Childhoods End......'

Helping her mother straighten up the tiny home her family uses in the fall, Shiri pauses and listens closely... horses are coming, several and fast, and there is yelling, though not quite clear yet. Pausing in her work, Shiri walks over to the window as many of the clan's warriors come into the village riding hard and coming to a sudden stop. Bows slung over their shoulders, swords at their sides, they dismount and run further into the village yelling urgently. The voices of the warriors are now quite clear as they warn of forces descending on the village....the war was here. Her Gemia and Towis hearing the warning as well, jump up simultaneously exclaiming "Licuti Cimi!" as they rush for the door. Realizing her sister has not come in from playing yet, Shiri rushes to the door after her parents.

Shiri watches her Towis stop to grab his weapons before sprinting out of the house, her mother also grabs her bow and sword and heads out, as Shiri steps outside, her Gemia kneels down and put her hands on her shoulders "Altan Gul, you must go get Licuti Cimi and find somewhere safe to hide. We will come for you as soon as we can, but you must stay hidden and protect your sister, do you understand my Gul?" her Gemia asks. Nodding her understanding she looks about for her sister the follows her mothers gaze and spots Mysty just as her mother motions towards her. Unsure for a moment where to go, she is shaken from her thoughts by the prodding of her mother and takes off at a run for Mysty.

Skidding to a stop in front of Mysty and grasping her arm tightly she exclaimes “come Mysty we must hide, they are coming!” Trying to twist out of her grasp Mysty asks “What is coming Shiri?” her violet eyes fearful as she looks her. “The war has reached us, we must hide Mysty…..NOW!!” she cries as she drags her little sister towards the tree line on the opposite side of the village from where the clan warriors and defenders were gathering......

It seemed an eternity, hiding in the woods with her little sister, wondering and worrying about the fate of her home. Tucked tightly under some fallen trees, she held Mysty close, trying to sooth the child as the sounds of battle began to reach them. Growing in intensity the sounds of battle raged, the clash of blades ringing through the air, yells, battle cries, the screams of horses all rending the air in a terrible symphony that Shiri wondered whether it would ever end. Darkness fell, unnatural in its suddenness, like the gods had snuffed out the very sun. The sudden darkness could only be magical in it's totality and a coldness began seeping into Shiri's soul as fear took hold. Shaking it off she slid forward and looked out through the branches up at the sky. Dark and foreboding, eerie and almost evil feeling the sky rolled with dark clouds cracking with unnatural electricity, sudden bolts leaping out and flashing down, followed by crashing booms as it hit the ground, adding to the roar of the battle. Scooting back she pulled Mysty with her deeper into their hiding spot, whispering a prayer to Damaris.

Silence…sudden and complete silence was almost more terrifying then the sounds of battle. Sitting and waiting, expecting the terrible noises to start again as suddenly as it had stopped, for anlaen she sat with her sister..waiting…until suddenly deciding that it must be over she began pushing her sister out of their hiding spot. “Move Mysty, I think it’s over…” she whispered as she gave her another shove. Crawling out she stood and stretched gazing around, seeing only the forest and the sky about, now normal from what she could see in the late afternoon. Moving cautiously and quietly at first, she took her sisters hand and crept towards the tree line, once there the sight stopped them both in their tracks. The village was gone….great plumes of black smoke rose darkening the sky and flames consumed much of the village. The houses burned, collapsed or collapsing, sending showers of sparks upward, the destruction total. With a cry of horror, Shiri took off at a run towards the devastated village, leaving Mysty standing alone.

'Her Sister and the Abbey ......'

Broken bodies, of her clan and the opposing forces were everywhere among the destruction. The air hard to breathe with all the smoke burning her lungs and the cloying smell of burned flesh and blood. Walking slowing between the buildings and rubble, her eyes darting about as she searches for her parents... the cold stillness that had begun to seep into her soul in the forest now feeling as if a great fist was wrapping around her heart and squeezing. Gasping at the sudden pain filling her she struggled to breathe for a moment, pushing her feelings deep, she let the cold numbness fill her...her breath steadying as a cold stillness settles over her, leaving her feeling nothing at all as her sister runs up to her and throws her arms around her waist, clinging tightly.

Glancing around as sounds once again fill her ears beyond the crackle of the burning village, voices…faint but growing louder and the whiny of horses… “More…there are two more over here!” a male voice called out as forms began to take shape through the smoky haze… As the man stopped in front of them, she glanced up to fully see him. Dressed in full plate the man was massive, and not an Elf. Mysty in all her innocent curiosity blurted out "Why are you so tall?" as she nearly fell backwards trying to look up at him. “Because we Kaldar are made this way little Elf” he replied as he scooped Mysty up and motioned for her to follow him towards the others that had not walked the Starry Road…

Her parents, two that were taken by the Starry Road, were ceremoniously buried with honor along with the rest of the fallen by the remaining members of her clan and the other Wind Elf clans from the area. Those left with no living family were sent to the orphanage near Crossing, run by clerics. Shiri and her little sister were two of these luckless orphans, wards now of the province... victims of the Gorbesh and now Sorrow Wars. Having some idea of orphanages, and knowing that they would be just two of very many the clerics would care for, Shiri knew she'd have to take care of Mysty herself. There was no one she could turn to for help and she was determined to honor the last words her mother spoke to her... what childhood she'd experienced was now over for her at the age of 14.. still considered, as an Elf, very much a child herself....

The orphanage was housed in a Abbey near Crossing. Despite the large size, the Abbey overflowed with those left orphaned by the wars. The children were divided and sent to different wings, the boys to one and the girls to the other. Space was at a premium and the long dorm rooms were filled with rows of bunk beds. The girls came to the Abbey with the clothes they fled in and a token from their parents that they were given at the burial. Shiri had the raven pendant her father had always worn and Mysty had a platinum butterfly ring that had been their mother's, these small tokens all they had remaining of their family and life they'd led. Shiri wore the necklace tucked under her clothes, never taking it off, Mysty's hands were still far too small to wear the ring so she ran a cord through it so Mysty could wear it as a necklace and keep it safe and out of sight. Knowing that at 5 Mysty would be unable to protect herself and determined to fulfill her parent's wishes to keep her sister safe, Shiri got in her first fight when beds were assigned to make sure she was close to Mysty....and so it began.

Privacy was non-existent and fights were common, particularly for Shiri as Mysty's curious and bold nature was always getting her in trouble. Tending to her little sister was so much easier in the village, here, Mysty was always into something and either being scolded by the matrons or threatened by the other girls. The misery of her sister was apparent as her behavior continued to worsen at the same time her fascination with death and violence began to develop. The first several years at the Abbey were nearly entirely spent trying to keep her sister in check. Wearing the mantle of 'parent' was not easy for Shiri, making it necessary to push aside her own want's and needs, every decision weighed carefully to make sure she was doing what was truly best for her sister, no matter the tantrums it created. Once old enough to leave the Abbey and join a Guild, she knew it would not be long before she was kicked out. Still unwilling to leave her sister defenseless, and knowing that they'd not let her take Mysty with her until she was closer to of age... she again made her decision based on what was best for her sister....she joined the Cleric's Guild and secured her right to stay at the Abbey. When her sister asked what made her become a cleric she told her that she wanted to prevent people from traveling the Starry Road. Her words accepted at face value, she was relieved she didn't have to try and justify her choice further, sure it was a handy ability... but aside from her sister she really didn't care for the inhabitants of the realm one way or another.

Noticing one day that as Mysty made the change from child to woman, her darker side had become more and more predominant was a worry for Shiri. Always sneaking out, she was constantly have to track Mysty down...more times than not finding her at various fights held around town. Hiding in the background, Mysty would watch the matches that normally resulted in dismemberment if not death..the glow in her eyes and almost predatory glee with which she watched was the most concerning to Shiri, and she would drag her away and take her to a temple of light. Offerings and prayers did nothing to curb the girl's blood-lust and Shiri determined she'd have to approach it differently. Seeking guidance from the Gods, Shiri began to explore beyond the light, seeking some answer to her dilemma. Urrem'tier appeared to her in a vision after an offering and Mysty's path was revealed to her. Pledging herself to the one god that provided answers, Shiri had his image tattooed on her shoulder.

Talking to Mysty this time, went much better...her suggestion and rationale were accepted. Rather than going against her nature, Mysty was going to embrace it and sate her blood-lust WHILE helping people.... Mysty was going to become an Empath. Blood, death, and pain would fill her sister's days without her having to actually hurt anyone. A great comfort to Shiri, as she was not sure Mysty would stop once she started killing. Her sister's path was set, and she was thriving with her new purpose revealed to her, meaning finally Shiri could focus on her own advancement and see what life had in store for her....

'Finding Her Way…….'

Now that her wild baby sister was grown and on her own path, Shiri finally had time to focus on herself....and had NO IDEA what to do. So many years spent with only the well being of another as her focus left her not knowing what she wanted to do with her own life. Determining a good start would be to work on her own guild advancement she threw herself into training.

Finally able to go on her first quest, she headed off and along the way, realized she was completely lost. Cursing viciously she pulls out her map and hears chuckling. Glancing around in surprise she see's a tall brawny Human ranger leaning against a tree. "So glad I could amuse you" she said coldly before turning away from him dismissively. "Need some help?" she heard him ask... already frustrated she snapped "NO, I'm fine" as she continued to read again where she was supposed to go and what was required of her when she got there. "You sure don't seem fine, let me help you." he said as he pushed away from the tree and walked towards her... "I'm Dryzt, you are?" he asked as he gazed down at her, his eyes amused. "Annoyed" she responded. Taking the paper from her and glancing over it he said "I can help with this" tucking it in a pocket he took her hand and helped her complete her first quest.

This is how it went, he'd show up, more and more frequently to help her with her quests, training, and classes while trying to get to know her. Not once did her attitude phase him. Time passed and she accepted his presence more and more. "Listen, D, you can stop calling me Annoyed..." she said as he was helping her on yet another quest. "'D'? And what would you like me to call you?" he asked with a smile. "Shiriann, and yes... you are 'D' going forward" she replied, smiling at him for the first time. Laughing he pulled her to him in a hug, making her stiffen in surprise. Noticing her response he let her go and stepped back with a wink.

Another year ticked past and having him underfoot became a daily thing that she minded less and less. Time kept progressing, Shiri in no rush for anything, as much was learned about each other. Another year passed and the day that she gained the ability to Rezz, things changed between them and took an intimate turn. A mutual decision was made to purchase a house and a cottage in Arthe Dale was chosen. Time moved as it always does, and blessed them with a daughter that was named Dainera. Much like her father she loved the outdoors and as she grew was more and more a child of the wilds. A decade passed, time beginning to take it's toll, his temples silvering and his time from home becoming longer and longer... until it seemed to Shiri that he had faded. Unsure if Humans did this or not, but not really having another explanation she again focused on caring for someone else, this time her Daughter, Dai. So much like her father, Dainera joined the Ranger guild when she was of age and Shiri helped her get her own house just outside of town.

Never one to be emotional, or 'warm and fuzzy' as D used to say, Shiri continued on as she always had, what feelings she did have were closely guarded and shut down. Occasionally she would think of D, she'd become fond of him, she could even admit she'd come to care...and for an Elf, that was often the way. No sparks, no magic... just comfortable companionship. Nice while it was there, and a fond memory, but nothing that would change her day to day life by it's absence. Shiri was close with both her sister and her daughter, so what little socializing she did was mostly with family.

'Frozen Heart and a Barren Soul…….'

It was a late evening when Shiriann went to her sister's house. Mystylaine, had just became engaged to a Paladin named Rekon only a week ago and now they were wanting to bond... meaning Shiri had to quickly make the rose then head to her sisters. Upon arrival she spied a cloaked figure entering the house as well, a short time later she would learn that he was the brother Erixx. When she entered the house her breath caught in her chest, everything seemed in slow motion, her eyes fell on his lithe form and ruggedly handsome face. "Who is this man?" she wondered.


Through the dinner, introductions were made and she kept stealing glances at him...and again she had her eye on him during the marriage ceremony. On the way to the door she heard a gravely voice say "Ma'am? Would you walk with me?". Her heart jumped into her throat.....Erixx had asked her to walk with him?? She accepted before her brain could say no.....and not for a moment did she regret it, the night was wonderful, and more so was his company. They talked late into the night. She knew after this night she would miss him, until he asked "Can I see you again?".

As the days passed, the walks and talks became more frequent, she learned much about him and his past. The Erixx he described was not the man she knew, the viciousness he'd described was not something she feared, knowing without having to ask that it would not ever be directed at her. Days seemed to fly as the nights lasted forever. Then one night she found herself in his arms, pausing as it hit her...she had grown to love him...and judging by the now warm depth in his once vacant and cold eyes...he had done the same.

The once odd ends, both misfits who were cold to the world had grown to find a love that neither thought could be real. One bright morning as they were walking, she glanced at him and smiled, Oh how handsome he is she thought. The forest was alive, the birds echoing the song in her heart. Though nothing would have prepared her for when he turned to her, took her hands in his and smiled the warmest smile he'd ever gave her as he said "I love you Shiri". And to her surprise, what shocked her even more was when she heard herself reply "I love you too....".

It was the most impulsive she'd ever far. That morning she awoke to find Erixx outside her house with a grin on his face and a twinkle in his eye. Pulling Shiriann close and wrapping his arms around her waist he asked "Up for a trip?". She knew not where the day would take her, nor did she care as long as she was with him... she nodded to him, smiling.

They finally stopped along the coast in Acen mara. Erixx turned to her, his eyes intent as he gazed at her, and he asked " are my world, the very air I breathe, I would ask you be with me until the end of time.....Marry me Shiriann?". For the first time she was overwhelmed with emotion, something she'd not felt since she had lost her parents all those years ago, nodding her head as her voice had failed her she agreed to become his wife. They were bonded later that very day on a small ship off the coast of Aesry. The bonding completely spontaneous, meant both families found out after the fact.. Finally, two people haunted by their pasts, had a brighter future to claim.....