Shadewatch Mirror quest

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Caution.png SPOILER ALERT!
This article reveals in-game secrets, spoilers, walkthroughs, or other information not intended for general knowledge in-game.



  • Messaging for Shadewatch Mirror appears in the familiar window. If the spell doesn't work after you get the spell, you may have to take down or put up a familiar window on your front end, depending on what front end you use.


    Kssarh says, "The knowledge of the Shadewatch Mirror spell has been limited to the Goldcaps, privileged members of the Y'Shai, and the Council since its inception. And you don't look like a Goldcap or a Y'Shai! In fact, you're a runt, so you may as well forget learning THAT spell."
  2. Go to Throne City RanikMap35
    • The easiest way to get there is by Astral travel to Mintais.
    • You can also get to Throne City via the Turtle inside the College in Therenborough (map). TURN the turtle until it is set to a moon that is currently up. Then, FOCUS turtle and the moongate will open to Throne City.
  3. From Turtle in Throne City, go South then Out.
  4. Run around town until you find the "Young Scribe." He is usually somewhere between the Turtle and the Spell Research Building.
    A young scribe leans toward you and says, "I help research spells for the Goldcaps, but my mentor is far too harsh. You could ask her, but I doubt she'll teach you anything at all. Do me a favor and take these notes to the research facility, and I might tell you how to get on her good side." He shoves a dog-earred note into your hand and winks.
  6. Head to the Spell Research Building (from town gate s, sw, sw, sw, w, w, nw, go edifice)
  7. Give your newly acquired notes to the Researcher GIVE NOTE TO RESEARCHER
    The elderly researcher looks up from his desk and squints though his spectacles. He cheerfully grins as he accepts your dog-earred note. "Hrm, yes," he says, "I was... err... expecting this. Please... um... tell that young scribe... um... thanks."
  8. Go back to the scribe and ASK SCRIBE ABOUT SHADEWATCH MIRROR SPELL again
    A young scribe leans toward you and says,"Ah, good deal! That's one less trip *I* have to take. Now, listen, since I'll only tell you this once. To get on my mentor's good side, all you have to do is bring her a flower. She's a softie at heart."
  9. Go to the Healerie to pick a flower. Any flower will not work. The Healerie is one room NW of the Spell Research Building (from town gate s, sw, sw, sw, w, w, nw, nw, climb Trellis)
  10. Once you climb the Trellis, move nw, sw. You will now be at the Garden Rooftop.
    [Garden Rooftop, Medical Pavilion]
    Sheltering a bed of roses the colors of the moons is a low railing resting atop elegantly beveled banisters. Tiles of green marble alternate with patches of springy heather and gildleaf shrubs, creating a verdant frame that compliments the blue and green of the serpents rising from within a marble fountain carved in bas-relief. Gazing toward a cobalt blue telescope from its perch in the water is a wooden duck, its wings partially extended as though for balance.
    Obvious paths: northeast.
  11. Pick a Rose from the rose bed using GET ROSE
    You pick a delicate red rose.
  12. Head to the scribes Mentor. From where you are move ne, se, climb trellis, se, se, e, e, ne, ne, n, go door.
  13. GIVE MAGE (she is very grumpy)
    Snarling, the Elothean mage glares at you, then stops as she sees the red rose. "Oh," she mutters as she blushes slightly. Her burning scowl slowly melts away as she says, "Maybe you're not all bad after all." She casually accepts your rose, careful to not let anyone else see, and adds, "Well... since my scribe is being lax, if you go to the researcher's and retrieve some notes for me, I might let you in on a secret."
  14. Head back to the Spell Research Building (out, s, sw, sw, w, w, nw, go Edifice)
    The elderly researcher squints and looks confused as he searches the area. "Where... umm... oh. Yes. Yes, here it is!" he exclaims as he rummages through a stack of papers. He hands a dog-earred document to you and says, "Catalogued and ready to um... go."
  16. Take the Notes back to the Mage (Out, se, e, e, ne, ne, n, go door)
    The Elothean mage gives you a wary look before accepting the dog-earred document. She then whispers, "You're slightly more reliable than my scribe. Well then, I know I promised to let you in on a secret, but I can't find my notes. Without those, I can't tell you anything!"
  18. Find the Scribe once again! He is probably close to where you found him the last time.
    The young scribe chuckles and says, "Uh, yeah. Knew she'd forget. Tell my mentor they're on the top shelf, near the leucro jaw."
  20. Head back to the Mage.
    A snobby Elothean mage frowns and mutters something as she searches the shelves. After a moment, she turns to you and says, "Ah, I found them. Right next to the leucro jaw on the shelf, just as you said." She takes a moment to browse through the papers. Finally, she turns to you and explains some very interesting theory regarding the Shadewatch Mirror spell. "Now, you're not a Goldcap so I'm not going to teach you the formula -- without that, the information I just gave you is useless. But doesn't it look like a marvelous spell?"
  22. Run back to the researcher and ASK RESEARCHER ABOUT FORMULA
    The elderly researcher leans back and says, "Um... Hmm. How did you... umm... find out about that? I'm not telling anything without... umm... a password."
  23. Go back to the Mage.
    A snobby Elothean mage mutters a soft curse and says, "No way! Only the Goldcaps and some Y'Shai can get that info. It's been scribed in a safe place, so don't go snooping."
    • The keyword here is "SCRIBED"
  25. Go back to the scribe and ASK SCRIBE ABOUT PASSWORD
    The scribe looks annoyed and says, "I knew she'd forget again! Luckily, I have it here. The password is..." He tells you, and you repeat it a few times to memorize it.
  26. Head back to the Spell Research Building and ASK RESEARCHER ABOUT FORMULA
    The elderly researcher leans back and says, "Hmm. Well, umm... You seem too young to be ummm... training to be... ummm... a Goldcap, but it must be so if you have the ummm... password. This is the formula for the... hmmm... Shadewatch Mirror spell." The researcher goes over the formula with you until you memorize it. "Now someone else will have to... umm... show you how to use it."
    A snobby Elothean mage throws her hands in the air, and looks terribly annoyed with you. After glaring at you a moment, she finally says, "Fine! Don't tell anyone that the password got out, and I'll teach you how to cast the Shadewatch Mirror spell. Just ask me about spells again within thirty seconds to confirm our deal."
    A snobby Elothean mage snorts and takes you aside. With little pomp or circumstance, she trains you carefully in the casting of Shadewatch Mirror, replacing the notes and info you had on Distant Gaze. After you've commited the spell to memory, she says, "Casting it on a target will create the the mirror, then just peer or gaze into it to watch them. Break the mirror when you want to end it early, or rub it so that only you can look through. Now get out of here, and don't let me find out you're blabbing the password."
    • You have learned the Shadewatch Mirror spell. Congrats!