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The Dane family

The Dane Family Crest
The Dane Family Crest - by Nerezza

The Dane Family is a human-only organization founded and lead by Sebastienne and Ignifera Dane. They ruthlessly pursue power and influence in the five provinces, and have proven time and time again that they are willing to cross nearly any moral boundary to obtain what they desire most: immortality. They freely use all tools at their disposal to get their way, including murder and necromancy.

The Danes are unwelcome in nearly all cities and towns and in many places are forced to lay low, knowing that imprisonment, exile, or even execution await them should they be captured. At any given time they are involved in numerous plots, ranging from simple theft to fund their ambitious quest to the murder (and worse) of various enemies. They are also more than happy to work underneath someone else, provided their goals coincide.


The family doesn't actively seek recruits, but they're aware of the benefits of expansion and will pursue someone who they feel might be a suitable match. All members are humans. Non-humans are often befriended and can become very important to the family, but a non-human will never be permitted to take the last name Dane or wear the family signet. The Danes are deeply involved in necromancy and as such turn away all clerics and paladins. Strangely, they also seem unwilling to take in necromancers. All other guilds are open to consideration.

Current roster

Family crest

The Dane family crest as seen on the signets that each member of the family wears:

  • an animite signet ring bearing the Dane family crest
    • This sleek ring has been polished to a mirror shine, and at first glance appears to have been carefully etched with the visage of a feminine face. Closer inspection reveals that the facial features lack distinction; the eyes are slightly hollowed sockets, the nose is a barely perceptible bump and there is no mouth. Slender, downward sloping horns complete the unsettling image, curving in upon themselves to frame the face.
    • New members will be presented with a ring and required to wear it unless exceptional circumstances dictate otherwise.