Rocky Point river

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A game introduced during the Taisidon Safari 420 event. To enter the event, purchase River Tokens from the Simucoin store.


From the village east gate, head north along the beach and over the path, 1 pace NE from the Fang Oyster Dive cliff. You will see an eastern bank and a western bank. Here, you can REDEEM one of your River Tokens. Once redeemed, you will have 1 hour to run the river course.


  • Once you have redeemed a token, you can go east bank or go west bank. The river loops around, so you'll run the entire course from either direction. You will be underwater for much of the game, so items like the lemicule starfish pin (or a simple lemicule wand from Ocan's Bait and Tackle from Fang Cove) might be helpful for characters with low Athletics skill to stave off drowning.
  • As you swim the course, watch for giant freshwater clams, which you can then OPEN to get a prize. Be sure to look around obstructions in the river for hidden clams.
  • If you linger too long in one place along the river, a whirlpool may sweep you away to a different, random room along the course.
You have this wierd feeling that some force is pulling you under when you realize that a whirlpool has formed near you!
The whirlpool churns with blinding speed then sucks you under!
You turn wildly in dizzying circles, the whirlpool carrying you along under the water, until it finally spits you back to the surface.


  • white pearls - value ranges between 200-2,500 Kronar (needs confirmation)
  • Taisidon seastar - value ranges between 1 - 2 per trip (additional information needed)