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Similar to the House of the Revenant Fang event, this is a TASK driven event that has been run multiple times. By completing tasks during the 1 hour of access time you have per access, you can earn Ulf'Hara credit, which is the form of currency used in the Supply Wagon. On arrival to the area, you will see the NPC Zukir, who you can ASK ZUKIR FOR TASK, and to whom you will return on the completion of each. It should also be noted that there is a 2nd Zukir within the Supply Wagon, so if you get ported from the event area, but have completed your TASK requirements, you can still complete that task and receive your credits.


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To access this area, find the Meeting portal hub in your city. Once there, REDEEM a Ulf'Hara summons and then ASK GUARDSMAN ABOUT ACCESS.
Additionally, The Supply Wagon can be accessed directly using a shimmering temporal distortion, which can be found outside the Crossing east gate at the far eastern side of the Middens, near the Moon Mage guild.

View the map of the ruins.


Quest Gifts

For Entering the Instance

For Helping Zukir

TIP: You can ASK ZUKIR ABOUT HELP to dedicate yourself to the effort, even when you're not there! This will add your name into the possible pool for the wandering NPC's in the area and provide you with the following gift:


Incidental Loot

See Return to the Keep 431/Incidental loot.

End Loot

See Supply Wagon for prizes and prices.

  • After your time in the Keep, you will automatically be sent to the Supply Wagon.
  • You can also ASK GUARD ABOUT TREASURE to be sent there without running the event.
  • Completing a TASK adds one task credit to a per-account pool.
  • You can use multiple summons build task credits for the treasure you like.
  • You can READ the painted sign in the treasure room to find out your current credits.
  • Spent task credits will be subtracted from your pool.
  • Task credits cannot be transferred to other accounts.
  • Each tier requires slightly fewer credits in the Platinum instance (so 2/5/8/18).


An overview of each of the possible tasks Zukir can give will be found on the Return to the Keep Tasks page.