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A repeating crossbow is a crossbow weapon that allows multiple bolts to be loaded at once.[1] This allows for a much higher rate of fire, and thus more damage per second, because it takes much less time to ready the next pre-loaded bolt than it does to load a bolt initially.

Repeating crossbows vary in the number of bolts that can be loaded in their chamber. Some crossbows hold as few as 2 bolts where others may hold 4, 8, or more bolts.



  • The repeating crossbow is unarmed / ready to fire a crossbow bolt.
  • The repeating crossbow can house N more bolt(s).

STUDY: To use the repeating crossbow you are certain you should:

  • LOAD - to add ammunition into the chamber. [RT varies by crossbow]
  • PULL - to unready ammunition and place it in the chamber. [3 sec RT]
  • PUSH - to ready available ammo within the ammunition chamber. [3 sec RT]
  • UNLOAD - to remove ready ammunition from the crossbow. [3 sec RT]

Example Usage

  1. hold crossbow to hold the crossbow in your hands.
  2. load crossbow repeatedly until the chamber is full.
  3. push crossbow once to ready a bolt from the chamber.
  4. aim <target> to begin aiming your crossbow at your target.
  5. fire to shoot at your target.
  6. push, aim, fire, repeat, and once your chamber is empty then you need to reload.



ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Bone hafted repeating arbalest with pitted groovesAkigwe's Legacy: Secrets of the Tower/End loot
Bone-white witchclaw repeating crossbow with a pistol grip buttstockCelebration Auction 10/13/2007true
Compact ironwood riot crossbow with a yew lathGrey Raven Commissary
Dull black assassin's repeating crossbowQuest for Kanton's Daggertrue
Ebony repeater crossbow with a silver dagger latchExtreme Shoptrue
Heavy repeating crossbow carved like a muscular armCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loottrue
Heavy repeating crossbow constructed from sun-bleached mammoth bonesExtreme ShopCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loot
Heavy repeating crossbow lavishly carved with sea creaturesCurse of the Ghost Ship/End Loottrue
Heavy repeating crossbow mounted with a snarling weasel skullGuildfest 398/Auctiontrue
Heavy repeating crossbow with a blackened boar head cranequin
... further results


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