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The arbalest (also arblast) was a late variation of the medieval European crossbow coming into use during the 12th century. A large weapon, the arbalest had a steel prod ("bow"). Since an arbalest was much larger than earlier crossbows, and because of the greater tensile strength of steel, it had a greater force. The strongest windlass-pulled arbalests could have up to 5000 lbf of force and be accurate up to 900 meters. A skilled arbalestier (arblaster) could shoot two bolts per minute.[1]


ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Acanth wood arbalest carved with tiny vinesRatchet Shack
ArbalestUrglub's Squishing Emporium
Arbalest (crafted)false
Azurelle and vardite battle arbalestOwirvald Riverhaven Auction 420
Damaris arbalestSleeping Dragon Corn Maze 439/End loottrue
Dark iron siege arbalest with limbs wrought to resemble a soaring vultureVisions of Holiness (3)truetrue
Dwarven iron arbalest emblazoned with the hammer-and-mountain symbol of the Gardul City StateArmaments by Sqinth (1)Armaments by Sqinth (2)
Gloomwood arbalest with a polished steel lathRatchet Shack
Heavily tarnished arbalest studded with a rusty goshawk figurineSister Seendra's Salvation Station
Horseman's arbalest with a thick leather stirrupDrathrok's Duskruin 422/Incidental lootDrathrok's Duskruin 421/Incidental loottrue
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