Real Life Costume Contest 2013

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A contest put on by GM Naohhi.

As we're drawing closer to Halloween and Hollow Eve, I'd like to announce that DragonRealms will be hosting a costume contest for all of YOU! Yes, YOU, the players -- the ones sitting there tapping away at your keyboards making your stories happen and your numbers go up.


Three winners from EACH instance will be allowed. (So make sure your submission tells us where you play!)

  • First Place winners receive a $25 credit for the box office, and get to select one prize from our prize pool.
  • Second and Third place winners will each get to select one prize from the prize pool.
    • an adderwood broom with bound khor'vela bristles -- PSST, you can fly on this!
    • a custom hider item -- You may choose up to four options AND create a design for your item. (Base item and rare must be provided.)
    • a dull serpent earcuff -- Healing item.
    • a hip-worn quiver containing 20 quadrellos
    • a Guardian Spirit alteration item


  • Please keep in mind that entries will be made public for voting. With that said, that means that no costume may contain nudity or in other ways violate the TOS or our game rating.
  • With each entry, you MUST be holding a sign in your photo that contains your character's name and HE 2013. Entries that lack this or appear to be fakes will not be allowed.
  • Entries should be emailed to by November 1st, 2013 with a subject title of "DR Costume Contest - yourCharacterName" (For example: DR Costume Contest - Naohhi)
  • Please include your account name and instance in the email.

Good luck to everyone, I can't wait to see all your costumes!


The full album:

First place: Redeth
Second place: Phabious
Third place: Rajara and Dyamond for a tie win!

Honorable mention: Jaesyn

First Place: Uzmam
Second place: Morpion
Third place: Illimin

No entries, no winners, sorry!