Raven's Court VIP Suite

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Raven's Court VIP Suite
Province Zoluren
Justice Unknown
Town The Crossing
Map Ranik's Map 1i
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Drink shops, Juggling shops, Container shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Smoking shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Raven's Court, VIP Suite]
A large bar, fully stocked with an array of strong and exotic liqueurs, dominates the back side of this member's suite. While plush stools are available, there are also an elegant fireplace and large ebony table surrounded by high-backed chairs on each side. Sharply dressed waiters attend to each patron's needs immediately, weaving their way around priceless vases and past ancient paintings, simply another example of the opulence afforded to the Raven's Court's members. You also see the bar's menu, a polished ebony door and a heavy red satin curtain.

Item Price Done
1 - T'Aliesan Red Wine 0   No
2 - Dalesian White Wine 0   No
3 - Zoluren Reserve Red Wine 0   No
4 - Darkstone's Private Reserve 0   No
5 - Refined Elven Frostwynne 0   No
6 - Premium Elothean Windhaze 0   No
7 - Pure Glacial Spring Water - (for younger patrons) 0   No

[The Raven's Court, Brandy Bar]
Aged wooden casks support caramel-colored glass tops to create makeshift tables interspersed between the comfortable leather chairs. Each barrel bears official stamps from foreign lands, indicating only the finest imports are served to the Court's exclusive members. Deep burgundy carpeting stretches between the black marble walls to immerse patrons in extravagance from all angles. Dozens of glass snifters hang over a fine-grained goldenoak bar dominating the eastern half of the room. You also see a curtained archway.

On the goldenoak bar
Item Price Done
tawny amber Rissan brandy 0   No
Arthe Dale applejack 0   No
Pokekehekepi coconut brandy 0   No
Chateau's Finest plum brandy 0   No
Ulf'hara grappa 0   No
Zaldi Taipa cherry brandy 0   No

[The Raven's Court, Commodities]
Deluging the area in ambient light, glowstone veins in the ceiling compose the elegant outline of a raven with outstretched wings. The pattern extends to the black marble walls, where feathers detailed from the same illuminator flutter downward, stopping just before they land on the gilded cases lining the area. A faint, smoky sweetness lingers in the air like the fading impression of a snuffed cigar. You also see a sleek ebony table with some stuff on it and a heavy red satin curtain.

In the felt-lined tray
Item Price Done
lustrous silver cufflinks 1,250   !!
lustrous gold cufflinks 12,500   !!
lustrous platinum cufflinks 125,000   
broad silver tie clip accented with onyx ravens 3,750   
long golden tie clip enhanced with emerald leaves 25,000   
thin platinum tie clip with diamond tips 100,000   
oval brooch of silver inset with ivory 2,500   
oval brooch of finely polished gold 18,750   
oval brooch bejeweled with diamonds and pearls 62,500   
detailed silver lapel pin engraved with a raven 1,875   
enameled gold lapel pin shaped like a raven 18,750   
gleaming platinum lapel pin embossed with a raven 125,000   
In the satin-lined casket
Item Price Done
detailed mahogany ice bucket with a hinged glass lid 18,750   !!
fine-grained oaken ice bucket with a hinged glass lid 6,250   !!
shiny silver ice bucket with a hinged glass lid 18,750   !!
In the silk-lined caddy
Item Price Done
copperwood cigar box with a domed lid 4,375   !!
stained oak cigar box 5,625   !!
glossy mahogany cigar box 60,000   !!
platinum cigarillo case with an intricate snap clasp 250,000   
velvet-lined gold cigarillo case 25,000   !!
thin silver cigarillo case 6,250   !!
In the velvet-lined coffer
Item Price Done
brushed silver flask inlaid with black diamonds 43,750   !!
engraved golden flask with fancy lettering 200,000   !!
polished platinum flask embossed with a raven silhouette 2,000,000   !!
In the cigarillo case
Item Price Done
long indigo cigarillo printed with white sheep 875   !!
long celadon cigarillo printed with yellow blossoms 875   !!
long navy blue cigarillo printed with grey clouds 875   !!
long scarlet cigarillo printed with orange flames 875   !!
long cream-colored cigarillo printed with golden wings 875   !!
long brown cigarillo printed with green leaves 875   !!
long black cigarillo printed with crimson lips 875   !!
long white cigarillo printed with sky-blue eyes 875   !!
long pink cigarillo printed with arrow-impaled red hearts 875   !!
In the cigarillo case
Item Price Done
murky black cigarillo printed with iridescent rainbow speckles 875   !!
long forest-green cigarillo printed with small brown mountains 875   !!
long burnt orange cigarillo printed with yellow suns 875   !!
long blue-grey cigarillo printed with shimmering raindrops 875   !!
long silvery cigarillo printed with glittery shooting stars 875   !!
long platinum-hued cigarillo printed with multicolored jewels 875   !!
long golden cigarillo printed with platinum coins 875   !!
long hazy purple cigarillo printed with bronze swirls 875   !!
long dark grey cigarillo printed with black stripes 875   !!
In the platinum case
Item Price Done
miniature wine racks - 50 stone 37,500   !!
thick-handled carafes - 45 stone 6,250   !!
gold-plated party invitations - 40 stone 62,500   
rose-patterned porcelain plates - 35 stone 10,000   
weighted pint glasses - 30 stone 5,000   !!
gold-trimmed coffee mugs - 25 stone 9,375   
plain pewter spice canisters - 20 stone 1,875   !!
dimpled glass tumblers - 15 stone 5,000   !!
polished silver herb mills - 10 stone 12,500   !!
etched glass snifters - 5 stone 6,250   !!
embroidered cotton napkins - 1 stone 1,250   !!
~ Juggling Items ~
In the silver case
Item Price Done
solid marble napkin holders - Quantity 15 8,750   !!!!
solid pewter napkin holders - Quantity 15 3,750   !!!!
solid silver napkin holders - Quantity 15 62,500   !!!!
heavy silver wine stoppers - Quantity 15 62,500   !!!!
heavy pewter wine stoppers - Quantity 15 3,750   !!!!
heavy marble wine stoppers - Quantity 15 8,750   !!!!
weighted silver drip rings - Quantity 15 62,500   !!!!
weighted pewter drip rings - Quantity 15 3,750   !!!!
weighted marble drip rings - Quantity 15 8,750   !!!!
~ Sling Ammunition ~