Ranger Guildhall (Boar Clan)

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Located in the NorthWest part of Boar Clan. The Guildleader at this hall is Paglar. In addition to the Guild services, this building contains the Ranger-only shop a Boar Clan Ranger Guild Canteen, a Ranger-only bar the Hunter's Tap Room, refreshments, a library and a carousel branch.

Public Access Areas

The following can be accessed by anyone.

[Ranger Guild, Longhouse]
Wide plank benches lining the walls are covered with layers of soft pelts and thick woolen blankets, making them an inviting respite after a long hunt. The warm, spicy smell of hot mulled ale wafts from a hanging kettle and chases away the musty odor of damp thatch. The staccato night-song of crickets filters in from the forest. You also see a donation shelf with several things on it and a firewood bin with a small sign on it.
Obvious exits: west.

In the hanging kettle
Item Price Done
some mulled ale 0   !!

The shelf in this room is also a donation rack.

Ranger Access Areas

The following are accessible only to Rangers and their guests.

[Ranger Guild, Small Cavern]
A bathing pool glistens like liquid gold in the light of many lanterns suspended from the ceiling. The soothing sound of water steadily running down the rock face echoes gently, punctuated by the occasional *plop!* in varied, musical tones. Amid blankets and pelts on the floor sits a small table. You also see a stone archway and a stony ledge.
Obvious exits: none.

On the small table
Item Price Done
a pitcher of cool spring water 0   !!
some yellow turnip wedges 0   !!
a basket of roasted nuts 0   

[Ranger Guild, Greenhouse]
A bench swing nestles in a lush green corner filled with temperate plants, including a variety of ivy and roses in a wide array of colors, scents and sizes, from giant golden sun roses and delicate pink Hodierna's blush roses to petite DiSilveron black rosettes. Rare watermist roses surround a small pool into which splashes a waterfall built from piles of riverstone. The rich smells of damp earth underscore the heady, sweet aroma of the flowers.
Obvious exits: east.