Boar Clan Ranger Guild Canteen

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Boar Clan Ranger Guild, Canteen
Province Forfedhdar
Justice Unknown
Town Boar Clan
Map Ranik's Map 121a
Owner Gudthar
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Container shops, Fletching shops, Jewelry shops, Ranger shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Ranger Guild, Canteen]
Brass hooks, small shelves, and niches filled with merchandise honeycomb the curved stone wall of the alcove. In the center, neatly stacked crates and baskets surround a tall stool surmounted by an elderly Dwarf, who conducts transactions with a kind, gravelly voice. You also see a lacquered case with some stuff on it and a polished counter with some stuff on it.

Stock on the lacquered case and polished counter rotate, so not all items will be there when you first look.

Also, you need 50 swimming and around 25 climbing to get here. Keep in mind the heavier you are the harder it will be to swim back!

On the brass hook
Item Price Done
~ ~ We are pleased to offer the finest handcrafted rain-shedding oilcloth rucksacks with sturdy leather straps. TIE your items only once and they'll be securely fastened to your rucksack until UNTIED! Accept no imitations! ~ ~
oilcloth rucksack 2,706   
On the narrow shelf
Item Price Done
razor-tipped arrowhead 63   !!
silver-tipped arrowhead 54   !!
broad-barbed arrowhead 63   !!
flint-tipped arrowhead 9   !!
stone-tipped arrowhead 40   !!
In the niches
Item Price Done
boar-etched wood shaper 270   
leather-wrapped steel carving knife 721   !!
tusk-handled steel flight shears 90   !!
light bird-quill glue 58   
feather flights 49   !!
On the large crate
Item Price Done
oiled leather boots with silver arrowhead buckles 856   !!
oiled leather boots with bronze acorn clasps 721   !!
knee-high beaded moccasins 721   !!
cross-laced leather moccasins 721   !!
In the grass basket
Item Price Done
oiled leather waterskin 338   !!
fringed leather waterskin 248   !!
beaded leather waterskin 261   !!
mail-clad leather waterskin 342   !!
On the lacquered case
Item Price Done
amber sunburst brooch inlaid with a golden Ranger Guild crest 1,082   
boar tusk ring etched with the crest of the Ranger Guild 180   !!
carved peregan tree brooch with tiny brass leaves 180   !!
dark obsidian ring inlaid with an ivory Ranger Guild crest 1,353   !!
gold ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 1,804   !!
jade oak leaf brooch inlaid with a silver Ranger Guild crest 1,082   !!
pale ash brooch of Lirisa encircled by tiny copper and gold arrowheads 902   !!
silver ring bearing the crest of the Ranger Guild 1,804   !!
On the polished counter
Item Price Done
amber-inlaid bloodwood sundial 9,020   
amethyst-inlaid mistwood sundial 15,785   
carved oak sundial 9,020   !!
copperwood sundial 11,726   !!
golden elm sundial 9,020   !!
silver-trimmed blue ash sundial 9,020   !!