Rakash Items and Materials

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These materials are of significance to the Rakash people. Many are found in or near in the village of Siksraja.


Also called alavern stone. Alavern is a brilliant blue and green opaque stone known for its dramatic, reflective geometric patterns. It is typically used for decorations and jewelry. Found in caves near Siksraja.

Alavern means "cave child" in Rakash.


A medium to dark red metal, asini is used mainly for decoration on armor and weapons by the Rakash people, though it does sometimes appear elsewhere. Asini has a low lustre, and will always look somewhat matte regardless of polishing. Asini is found near Siksraja.

Asini means "blood" in Rakash.


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Discovered in eastern Kermoria by Gem Miner Sunddan Harlabek in a deep vein located to the west of Langenfirth, this opaque stone ranges in tone from pearly white to pale grey, often spread with fine grey or black veins in an erratic, often web-like pattern. While a somewhat simple gem, howlite can be polished to a brilliant lustre.

Howlite is fabled to have been favored by the Rakash long before the creation of the Great Barrier. If this is true, it is important to note that howlite is not the name by which this stone would have been known to the Rakash of that era. It is the name that was given to it by Sunddan, who is a Dwarf.


Exclusively found very near the Barrier on its western side, senci is thought to have been created by the magics that formed the Barrier itself. Discovered after Lyras and her generals had unsuccessfully attempted to bypass the Barrier by tunneling beneath it, the only known deposits of this rare stone are clustered in spike-like veins extending down for at least a dozen feet. Mining of senci was taboo amongst both the Rakash and the Prydaen until after the Barrier’s corruption, as no one wanted to be the cause of anything that might have potentially weakened the one thing keeping Lyras contained. Now it is incorporated into weapons and armor in the hopes that any lingering magics may help guide the actions of its owner as the Elders who tied their life forces to the Barrier once did for their peoples. It is a very hard stone and resembles glaes in its glossy sheen, but its color is a distinctively vibrant green traced with thin, shimmering veins.

Senci means "ancestor" in the language of the Rakash.


A translucent metal with opaque whorls, tursa can be sometimes found in the tunnels beneath Siksraja. Though always in dark shades, tursa can be found in many colors, with black being the most common.

Tursa means "dark" or "shadow" in Rakash.


A soft, flowing fabric, uzil was created by a Siksrajan weaver who said that its name and method of creation came to her in a dream as she napped by the village lake. Careful inclusion of tiny crystalline flecks in the silken threads gives uzil a shimmering appearance reminiscent of the surface of a body of water in the afternoon sun.


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