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Cinacs is an opaque stone that displays red-tinged chatoyancy (aka: 'cat's eye') effects regardless of the base hue of the gem. This is frequently emphasized by a round or oval cut to give the stone the appearance of an eye with a bloody pupil. Cinacs can be found in shades of grey, white, yellow, and orange. Found in caves near Siksraja.

Means "battle eye" in Rakash. Usage: The word remains "cinacs" in both singular and plural form. IE: A ring centered with an oval cinacs. A necklace bearing several rounded cinacs.

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ItemSource isRare item
Tursa pitchfork whorled with the dark variegated hues of a midnight skyBacon Man's Birthday Bash 419 Auctiontrue
Tursa pitchfork whorled with the dark varigated hues of a midnight skytrue

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