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Qedryn Sha'Dowalker
Race Prydaen
Gender Male
Guild Moon Mage
Instance Prime


You see Dagtha Chuthi Vayato Qedryn Sha'Dowalker-Silverclaw, Dafo of the Monks, a Prydaen.
He has pointed ears and cat-slitted red eyes. His white mane is very long and fine, and is worn pulled up in a topknot. He has white fur and a slender tail.


Qedryn - Dragon Realms Profile


He was born on the 13th day of the 10th month of Nissa the Maiden in the year of the Crystal Snow Hare, 342 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.


Coming to The River Crossings

Choosing a Guild

Finding his Sect

Meeting his Mate


Bonded to Kalaralor

Family Symbol

A simple smokey quartz cat paw.

Personal Symbol

A simple smokey quartz cat paw orbited by three small gems and several tiny broken shards. One gem represents each of the moons, a ruby for Yavash, a sapphire for Xibar, and a black opal for Katamba. Shards of a once perfect soft yellow pearl, depicting Grazhir, are randomly placed on the crystal paw.



a pristine white bone nose ring intricately carved into a delicate chain
The lack of any seams or breaks on the delicate links reveals the skill of the craftsman who painstakingly carved them from a single unique piece of bone. A tiny shadowed paw print has been detailed into the first link of the chain.
a thigh quiver dyed in a white and grey wintery camouflage pattern
The quiver is dyed in many different wintery hues, swirling all together in a soft camouflage pattern.
a twilight-hued crystal starchart tube with smokey quartz endcap
The slender container is shaded from a deep purple down to a delicate rose quartz color. Various constellations have been etched into the surface allowing ambient light to give the tube a twinkling effect. A tiny shadowed paw print has been etched into the top cap.


a wide Pr'raaho of bold silverwillow and goldbark knotwork
Bands of silverwillow and goldbark wrap around one of polished ash in a continuous knotwork pattern, seamlessly symbolizing a love without beginning or end. Where they cross and converge, smoothly flowing script has been carved into the ash, each word adorned above and below by a tiny alternating moonstone or sunstone chip. A smoky quartz paw print with filigree silver claws crowns the ring in elegant simplicity.
"Vrerore anefubo kabehune hofolage."
a gold badge depicting a pair of clasped hands
Lines arc out from the thumbs of the hands and represent a circular rotation of one digit about the other.
"Champion Twiddler, Year 387"
an exquisite golden flower preservation case crafted of lustrous birds-eye maple
Many layers of varnish and a warm golden hue give a deep dimension to the birds-eye maple and bring out the wood's natural iridescent beauty. The lid requires no other ornamentation, but the case's sturdy strap has been richly embroidered with a repeating pattern of vines and flowers. The interior of the case is filled with small compartments for carrying flower preservative potions, wax-paper envelopes, and other supplies for the avid flower collector.
"First Prize, Mentor Zoluren Flower Picking Expedition"
a rough-hewn willow shariza totem
The pair of crescent moons decorating the surface of the shariza totem are covered in a mosaic of blue-green chips of turquoise. Encrusted about the edge of the shariza totem are iridescent aquamarine stones. Spaced evenly about the face of the shariza totem are translucent golden amber discs. The symbol on the disc is suffused with a soft green light.
Push - light - 1 charge
Wave - Bless weapon - 2 charges
Point - Stat boost - 3 charges
Shake - Skill boost - 5 charges
Kiss - Favor orb - 10 charges
Raise - 20% chance RPA - Remaining charges
Clean - 1 per week - need an item that alter takes for favor (undead skin)