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Kalaralor Silverclaw
Race Prydaen
Gender Female
Guild Warrior Mage
Instance Prime


You see Davafro Vayato Kalaralor Silverclaw, Spellsword of Elanthia, a Prydaen.
She has pointed ears and cat-slitted silver-flecked violet eyes. Her lavender-streaked black mane is very long and wavy, and is worn in a deceptively careless-looking arrangement of upswept locks held in place by a carved ivory crescent moon haircomb set with tiny moonstone chips. She has glittered black fur, a slender tail and a curvaceous figure.
She is tall for a Prydaen.
A scintillating blue-tinged amethyst rests on her forehead, just above her eyes.


She was born on the 5th day of the 7th month of Moliko the Balance in the year of the Amber Phoenix, 365 years after the victory of Lanival the Redeemer.


Kalaralor and her twin sister, Talaralor, were born in an encampment set up after the great migration, to Hanaralor and Toleir Silverclaw. Kala spent her childhood as many kits before the journey east would have, training her natural abilities, listening to the elders teach, and generally getting into mischief with her sister.

At the age of 17, she and her sister completed their Cizayu and they were sent out from the home they had known in order to gain wordly knowledge and train their skills. The encampment has since been destroyed and rebuilt in a new location. Her father was killed in the attack shortly after she came to Crossing and while she sometimes misses the place she grew up, she knows that home is where her heart leads her.

Coming to The River Crossings

Kalaralor, being the less adventurous than her sister, followed Tala on the long walk to Crossing. To her, it was a distasteful place. There was too much noise, too much garbage, and too many new smells and new people. The fact was, she hadn't had much interaction with any but her own kind and because she spoke very little common and her sister none at all, she had a lot of trouble trying to figure things out.

Choosing a Guild

She quickly found out from the shopkeeper she had went to to purchase supplies that they must first join a guild or make a name for themselves before they would be allowed to purchase anything. Originally, Kala had planned on simply joining whichever guild her sister did, but while her sister wished only for battle, Kala wished for knowledge.

After much contemplating, Kala joined the Warrior Mages, believing that she would have the best of both worlds in the art of war and the art of magic. Since the time she joined, she has matured in many ways, in her outlook of the world at large, in her hunting style, and in her personality.

Kalaralor does not rely on her guild alone to train. She wishes to be well rounded as so trains to the standards of all guilds save for those things she is not allowed to learn. Currently, she is almost 20th circle by all guild standard and will often 'pretend' to be another guild for days at a time.

Meeting her Mate

Kalaralor was in many ways mature when she left her home to come to Crossing, but she was also childish in many others. She pursued many males when she was first getting settled. If a handsome male walked her way, it was a weakness she could not deny.

She was, and in some ways still is, very lazy as well, which was how she met her life-mate, Qedryn. Talaralor was always trying to get Kalaralor to hunt and on this particular day she had refused, instead opting to sit in front of her guild and listen to classes.

It was there that she saw the whitest male Prydaen she had ever seen in her life. She had white-furred cousins but none of which as pale as he was and it was the major reason she began her conversation with him. He told her that the elders had marveled over him as well when he was growing up and it made her happy to know that there were indeed other traditional Prydaens in Crossing.

They began spending time together though her sister was a bit put out by it. For as long as they could remember, Tala and Kala had practically been joined at the hip. Now, Qedryn was somewhere in between them and while Kala loved them both dearly, she felt tugged in two different directions.

Luckily, Tala came to terms with Qedryn and it was not long after that Kala and Qedryn bonded at Shakahn's Grove with only they and the cleric Makime there. They decided this ceremony would be quick and simple and later on, when they had the finances to accomplish it, that they would host a more traditional bonding. They viewed this one as a trial of sorts, the time they would have spent being watched by the elders before they were mated for life.

They have been together for over three years now and have yet to have their official bonding, but with all things considered, they are life-mates.


Bonded to Qedryn
Brothers - Rachi, Rafeki, Katalyaoth
Sisters - Talaralor, Katza, Kiriela
Daughters - Turakeme, Scyllae, Nanache, Luaomalor

Family Symbol

A stylized silver claw.

Personal Symbol

A curved claw of silver filigree tipped with moonstone and entangled within a vine of moonflowers.

Other Information

Kalaralor is easy going most of the time though she has her bouts of higher than thou attitude. Normally quick with a smile, she can often be found sitting out front of the Warrior Mage's guild in the midst of a conversation or teaching a class.

Kalaralor tends to be very traditional as far as Prydaens go. She relates to the S'kra Mur motto, "Honor is measured by the length of one's tail -- and the opinions of those without simply aren't worth considering." However, she has many friends overall in many races and, generally, only because they have earned her respect in one way or another.

She prefers the company of her own kind but is not adverse to spending time with other races. She also tends to speak in her own language as common is grating on her ears and she tends to ignore disapproval of this by any race. She believes that if people want to know what she is saying then they can take a class in Prydaenese or mind their own business because her conversation didn't include them.

Family and the Pryde is a large part of Kala's life and she does her best to take care of those who have managed to find a place in her heart, either for being a sounding board or taking her siblings, mate, children and other family members on random shopping trips wether they want to go or not. She enjoys teaching the old ways and has been known to spend hours explaining the deeper meanings of Prydaen traditions to those who would care to listen.

Aside from all of the above, Kala is very artistic and has done a number of portraits for various people across the realms. She is still learning to paint fur for Prydaens and scales for S'kra Mur's but is quite good at depicting furless which she is exceedingly proud of.

The Silverclaw Pryde

Kala is the leader of the Silverclaw Pryde which mostly resides in Crossing. The Pryde consists of her family and those she has adopted into it.

Kalaralor and Qedryn's Home

While hunting Reavers Kala and Qedryn stumbled on what they call the Grotto. Nearly devoid of people, the cave was interesting, natural and housed many shelters which reminded Kala of home. She decided immediantly that this would be where they would build their own shelter.

a pine branch hut with vibrant red roses and ivy twining across the arch of its door
Walls of rough-hewn oak and a polished riverstone floor covered by a plush dark fur pelt enclose this tiny hovel. In one corner lies a sprawling fur-covered bed, and near the bed sits an ironwork and frosted glass table with a delicate white marble Tenemlor figurine and a delicate black marble Demrris figurine on it. A circular riverstone firepit burns along the far wall. The room holds a lingering scent of moonflowers. You also see a door, an ironwork velvet-covered chair that is facing the firepit, an ironwork velvet-covered chair that is facing the table, an ironwork velvet-covered chair that is facing the table, an ironwork velvet-covered chair that is facing the firepit, a copper and patina weapon rack with a curving ash-hafted halberd embossed with knotwork vines on it, a lined leather trunk with a plump copper-trimmed fishbowl on it, a carved bone armor stand and a spotted cat.

Kala's Artistic Designs

Kala runs her own art business producing high quality paintings of people in the realms. She has yet to master painting Prydaens and other non-humanoid races but she excels at painting furless. She is willing to do portraits generally for 250 plat or sometimes for an item that catches her fancy. If you are interested in seeing her work, you can gweth her. She is normally found in Crossing.




a twilight-hued varare adorned with silver filigree
This deeply cowled leather helmet has slits near the top of the head with carefully positioned projections meant to protect protruding ears. The leather has been dyed in varying shades of blacks, blues, and deep purples to mimic the evening sky. A large lustrous moonstone engraved with the image of a triquetra rests proudly on the brow of the helm. Silver filigree flows outwards across the leather's surface in intricate patterns, designed to enhance the brow ridge and highlight the cheekbones.
a set of twilight-hued hourel adorned with silver filigree
Specifically intended for a lean and limber form, this set of leather armor has a place to comfortably slip a tail. The leather has been dyed in varying shades of blacks, blues, and deep purples to mimic the evening sky. Silver filigree has been expertly placed in intricate patterns over its surface, drawing the eye to a beautifully cut neckline.
some twilight-hued crystal claw guards adorned with moonstone tips
Elegantly crafted from dark-colored crystal, these claw guards are both beautiful and functional. Silver filigree in intricate patterns overlays the surface of the quartz and weaves its way down each finger towards sharp and deadly moonstone points.


a twilight-hued ivory torque with carved moonstone caps
Elegantly crafted from bone dyed to mimic the evening sky, this neck jewelry is both intricate and beautiful. The polished ivory has been inlaid with spiraling silver filigree that weaves it way around to two lustrous moonstone caps carved to resemble delicate moonflowers in full bloom.
a twilight-hued armband of supple leather adorned by a trio of raven feathers
Dyed in the ever-changing hues of eventide, this lovely piece of jewelry has been tailored to snugly fit the wearer's upper arm. The buttery soft material is stitched with silver thread in an intricate knotwork pattern and lined with shimmering starlight-hued gossamer for added comfort. Adorning the armband is a small moonflower fashioned from moonstone and silver filigree, from which trails a trio of blue-black raven feathers. Penned in dark silver ink is an elegantly scripted phrase.

There appears to be something written on it.

A twilight-hued armband reads:

"I am but a feather on the wind. ~ To new heights I shall fly. ~ Beyond imagination I shall soar."

a delicate circlet of moonflowers trailing twilight-hued gossamer ribbons
A silvery moonflower vine has been interwoven with shimmering gossamer ribbons dyed in shades of the darkening night sky. Meant to trail down to the center of the wearer's back, the silken fabric is dusted with tiny glittering crystal and amethyst shards to add a bit of sparkle. The night-blooming blossoms are in various stages of growth, ranging from tiny buds to large full blooms, but each is just as beautiful as the next.
a delicate Pr'raaho of elegant silver and gold knotwork
Bands of silver and gold wrap around one of polished ivory in a continuous knotwork pattern, seamlessly symbolizing a love without beginning or end. Where they cross and converge, smoothly flowing script has been carved into the ivory, each word adorned above and below by a tiny alternating moonstone or sunstone chip. A smoky quartz paw print with filigree silver claws crowns the ring in elegant simplicity.
A delicate Pr'raaho reads:

"Vrerore anefubo kabehune hofolage."

an intricate tailband of silver filigree adorned with diminutive moonstones
Made from one piece of metal, the delicate silverwork flows and swirls in an elaborate, unbroken pattern that leaves small openings to reveal the wearer's tail beneath. Tiny moonflowers in various stages of bloom have been carved from lustrous moonstones and interspersed around the circumference of the tailband, causing the entire piece to resemble a vine of the night-blooming blossoms.


a shimmering twilight-hued silk chmir tied with a braided silver cord
Fashioned to resemble the evening sky itself spun into sheer fabric, the chmir is dusted with tiny glittering shards of amethysts and quartz crystal. Cut to softly drape from shoulder to mid-thigh, the garment is open on both sides for ease of movement. The silk cord is laced with silver threads to add a bit of sparkle, accented at the end with a tear-shaped moonstone. Delicate moonflowers have been shadow embroidered along the hem and neckline, each petal accented with a small drop of smooth glass.
some shimmering twilight-hued silk footwraps secured with braided silver cords
As if the evening sky itself had been spun into sheer silk, these footwraps are dusted with glittering shards of amethysts and quartz crystals. Tailored to wrap snugly around the leg from the middle of the foot to just below the knee, they leave the toe and heel of the wearer unhindered. The silk cords used to tie the footwear securely into place are laced with silver thread to add a bit of sparkle and are accented at the ends with dangling tear-shaped moonstones.
a twilight-hued leather garter bejeweled with delicate moonflower blossoms
Dyed in varying shades of blues, blacks, and deep purples, the supple length of fabric is designed to wrap snugly around the thigh. A sturdy band of stretchy material lines the interior for securing a small knife in place. Amidst a maze of intricate silver-threaded knotwork, an assortment of faceted moonstones displays an array of shimmering hues. Each jewel is masterfully sculpted to represent moonflowers in various stages of bloom, and a few small sparkling buds encircle an elegantly scripted phrase.

There appears to be something written on it.

A twilight-hued leather garter reads:

"Remove at your own risk!"

a twilight-hued leather belt
Dyed in varying shades of blues, blacks, and deep purples, the wide band is designed to ride low on the hips. The buttery soft yet sturdy material is stitched with silvery thread in an intricate knotwork pattern along the edges. Enhanced with delicate filigree and inlaid moonstones, the silver buckle displays several moonflowers in various stages of bloom. Entangled in the vines amidst the blossoms are a few elegantly engraved words.

You have a bastard sword hanging from your belt.

A twilight-hued leather belt reads:

"Let not my beauty stop your heart when my weapons do that just perfectly."

a deeply hooded cloak of twilight-hued leather fastened with a moonflower brooch
Dyed in varying shades of blues, blacks and deep purples, this cloak is elegantly tailored to conform to the wearer's figure for maximum warmth while still allowing for ease of movement. The buttery soft yet sturdy material has been stitched with silver thread in an intricate knotwork pattern along the edges and lined with shimmering starlight-hued gossamer for added comfort. A highly detailed moonflower clasp fashioned from moonstone and silver filigree fastens the garment securely at the neck.


a twilight-hued leather haversack secured with a moonflower clasp
Dyed in varying shades of blue, black, and deep purple, this container is tailored to sit comfortably on the shoulders without being restrictive. The buttery soft yet sturdy material has been stitched with bright silver thread in an intricate knotwork pattern. Elegantly embroidered across the flap and along each strap is a vine of moonflowers in various stages of bloom. A moonstone and silver filigree clasp has been fashioned as the largest blossom and is used to keep the haversack securely closed.