Abandoned Clan

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The Abandoned Clan is an empty Dwarven clan in the depths of Sorrow's Reach near Stone Clan. Though there are no inhabitants, Buried Treasures still operates out of the caves.


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Abandoned Clan
Location: Stone Clan, Zoluren (RanikMap9b)
Class / Type: Middle / Urban
Restrictions: Dwarf
Justice: none
Form: Door
Homes (Free): 9 (1)
Last Checked: 15 Aug 2022

Abandoned Clan.gif

Location Category Restrictions Owner Appearance
Entry - 1 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Nahni iron-trimmed myrtlewood door
Entry Hall - 2 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Unclaimed metal door
Entry Hall - 3 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Dworf ebony door inlaid with an orichalcum dragon
Great Hall - 4 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Gretae brass-trimmed oak door
Dusty Passage - 5 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Tieny modest metal door
Dusty Passage - 6 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Weensie modest metal door
Dim Corner - 7 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Kaltes brass-trimmed oak door
Dank Tunnel - 8 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Padhg aged spiritwood door with an eerily glowing handle
Dank Tunnel - 9 Middle Class, Urban Dwarf Stalyas modest metal door