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Description: A property for declaring if a creature uses flex mechanics. Do not use if the creature has slight variations in creature level (use this property instead).
Type: Boolean

There are currently 706 items in this property, 705 of which are incomplete, and 0 of which are outdated.

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Abominable umbral race +false  +
Adan'f blood warrior +false  +
Adan'f shadow mage +false  +
Adan'f spirit dancer +false  +
Adult desert armadillo +false  +
Adult razortusk boar +false  +
Adult razortusk sow +false  +
Adult wyvern +false  +
Akul'tiz ghost +false  +
Akul'tiz lightbane +false  +
Akul'tiz nightblade +false  +
Akul'tiz shadow matriarch +false  +
Akul'tiz shadow witch +false  +
Albino cave fish +false  +
Alley thug +false  +
Amalgamated fleshreaper +false  +
Ambulatory coral reef with labyrinthine grooves +true  +
Andesite gargoyle +false  +
Andesite guardian +false  +
Angiswaerd hatchling +false  +
Animated Items (1) +false  +
Animated Items (2) +false  +
Animated Items (3) +false  +
Animated Items (4) +false  +
Antelope +false  +
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