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Re: Voices from Shard.... · on 3/13/2009 9:55:10 PM 7209
>>A Warrior Mage like Isleif may not have such qualms, however.<<

This is totally OOC information and I very much hope not to be hearing it in game. Unless of course you know for certain ICly that Dunshade is anything other than what he says he is.

If you want to find my model for Lord Dunshade, consider him a somewhat less malevolent but no less fanatically loyal Sir Francis Walsingham, spymaster for Queen Elizabeth the first. The major difference is Walsingham didn't hide it much and Dunshade let's the world see a mild bookish exterior. As the sole Morzindaen who is not a paladin he does not feel constrained by any code and feels almost any action that ensures the security of the Baron and Therengia is justified. And yes Coenrad is his body guard, messenger, eyes and ears and what ever else may be required.

GM Quarel Veryan - Events Team.

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