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Trader Magic Updates · on 05/01/2018 03:02 1571
1) The self-repair of Trabe Chalice will no longer be interrupted by taking damage. (Previously it paused for 30 sec.)

2) Avtalia Array will now message when any cambrinth piece becomes full.

3) The capstone spell for the Fabrication book, Enrichment, is now on preview in all instances. It expends a burst of starlight aura to supercharge some of your crystal spells for a short duration. Keep in mind that this spell is designed to convert your excess aura into powerful effects, and is quite costly. You will not be able to sustain a high uptime on it.

While Enrichment is active,

  • Trabe Chalice will become resistant to impact damage as well.
  • Regalia will gain +1 tier to armor quality.
  • Arbiter's Stylus will be prepared drastically faster.
  • Starcrash will strike an additional target with each pulse.
  • Avtalia Array will recharge cambrinth for three times as much.

4) One week from today, the Trader Magic Preview will come to an end. You will need to learn your spells from the Negotiants or the tessera you got from them. Trader spell scrolls will be enabled in the treasure system.

GM Grejuva

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