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Trader Magic · on 03/03/2014 10:52 PM CST 302
This is an early glimpse of the Trader spellbooks. As always, everything here is subject to change but it should give a better context for the design space we're planning to explore. Prereqs are intentionally not included at this time and the names and descriptions aren't even close to finalized (Though they're closer than some of the names from the first draft which included spells like "smarter than the average bear".)

Magic 3.2 is planned to be a smaller project than 3.1 and primarily will include Trader magic and a review of barrier effects. We'll get to the Trader magic part in a moment but the barrier review requires a little explanation.

Generally speaking, barrier spells in their current incarnation are currently very powerful, very broad, very inconsistent with one another and generally undercosted. Aside from the obvious problems this cases, it also puts a lot of design constraint on warding spells since most barriers currently protect against all damage and don't lead to a lot of variety or selection in spells. For 3.1 we ball parked some slot costs but it quickly became apparent it was a large enough project we didn't want to tackle it on top of everything else going on in 3.1. As such, the barrier spells listed here are more in line with where we expect 3.2 barriers to look like but no attempt has been made to cost them for slots yet and they are particularly subject to change.

Intro TM (1)
The Dart spell fires a single crystalline dart at the target.

Basic Debilitation (1)
Caltrops attempts a Magic vs Reflex attack that attempts to trip the target.

Reactive Barriers
Basic Warding
Reactive Barriers creates short lived crystal panes in response to attacks, acting as a barrier against slicing and puncture damage.

Explosive Dart
Advanced TM (2)
A variant of the Dart spell, the projectile, once lodged in a target, will detonate into a plume of frozen shrapnel.

Advanced Utility (1)
Fortifies a weapon, armor or crafting tool, to greatly reduce or eliminate the wear and tear of normal use.

Conductive Spires
Advanced Warding
Conductive Spires are a series of sacrificial crystalline spires that surround the caster, harmlessly redirecting away fire and electrical damage.

Starlight Barricade
Advanced Warding
Starlight Barricade physically manifests the Trader's Starlight Aura as a potency barrier. Energy from incoming spells is drained away to further fuel the caster's Aura.

Esoteric TM (1)
A cyclic spell, Starcrash hammers a single target with wave after wave of frozen starlight.

Crystal Burst
Esoteric TM/Debilitation (2)
Crystal Burst causes a ring of crystalline spines to erupt from about the Trader, impaling and pushing back all those at melee with the caster.

Ancestral Arts
Esoteric Utility (2)
The Ancestral Arts are actually a series of different techniques to temporarily enhancing the properties of most common crafting tools.

Highlight Flaws
Intro Debilitation (1)
Highlight Flaws is a Magic vs Reflex spell that uses illusion to track the target's flaws and weaknesses, allowing them to be exploited by attackers for increased damage.

Illusions of Grandeur
Basic Debilitation (2)
The Illusions of Grandeur spell causes the caster to appear larger and more intimidating to a target, manifesting as a Charm vs Willpower attack potentially causing immobilization.

Basic Augmentation (3)
The Blur spell creates illusion interference around the caster giving them a tactical edge in combat and enhancing their ability to evade attacks. (This replaces Speculate Defense)

Avren Aevareae
Advanced Augmentation/Debilitation (2)
Avren Aevareae floods the area with either light or shadow, hindering or enhancing stealthy activities in the vicinity.

Mirror Image
Esoteric Warding
Mirror Image creates a number of illusionary clones that move with the caster, acting as harmless decoys for attacks.

Programmed Illusion
Esoteric Utility (1)
A Programmed Illusion is a harmless creation of light that follow's the caster's commands and can mimic a variety of shapes and forms.

Astral Projection
Esoteric Utility (2)
Astral Projection is a particularly strange bit of magic that allows the caster to possess an illusionary body while leaving their physical body behind. This allows the caster to project their mind to distant places, safely explore their surroundings or remotely communicate with others.

Intro Augmentation (1)
Finesse is a simple spell that refines the caster's charisma and ability to haggle. (This replaces Speculate Finesse)

Clarity of Thought
Basic Augmentation (3)
Many of a Trader's duties require focus and a clear mind, all of which are offered by this spell. Practically, this enhances trading, appraisal and intelligence.

Basic Augmentation (2)
While a careful Trader is a profitable Trader, the Paranoia spell takes this to another level enhancing the caster's perception and awareness of they are being watched or are truly alone. (This replaces Speculate Paranoia)

Self Confidence
Basic Warding
A simple mental spell that increases the Trader's sense of self confidence, helping them resist Charm and Fear attacks.

Back Alley Tricks
Basic Augmentation (2) -- Scroll Only
While it's not the sort of magic any self-respecting Trader would admit to knowing, the Back Alley Tricks spell increases the caster's deftness at picking locks or pockets.

Confidence of Arms
Advanced Augmentation (2)
While nothing can replace years of training, this spell makes a fair attempt at it as it notably improves the caster's aptitude with shields and armor.

Advanced Augmentation (2)
There is magic and then there's magic with Integrity. The Integrity spell allows the later, increasing the caster's skill with warding and enchantment.

Steady Hands
Advanced Augmentation (2)
All the skill in the world will do a crafter little good if he can't hold his hands steady, which is where this spell comes in, enhancing the caster's skill at forging and outfitting.

Advanced Debilitation (1)
Harmless is a Charm vs Willpower spell that attempts to convince the target that the caster is harmless, causing the target to retreat from the caster to seek another target.

Esoteric Utility (2)
This spell allows the caster to tap into their Starlight Aura to compensate for depleted attunement levels.


This message was originally posted in The Traders \ Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-RAESH on the forums.