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Magic 3.1 refers to a series of bug fixes and updates to Magic 3.0 that were announced by GM Socharis on 11/13/2013 as part of the DragonRealms 3.1 updates.

See Post:Significant Magic Changes (Magic 3.1) - 11/13/2013 - 23:03 for details. It will coincide with Combat 3.1 updates.

Any bugs or comments should be directed to the Magic 3.1 Comments page.


  • All bonuses to skills and stats (other than crafting) have been changed to an uncapped 20% boost (15% for out of SOI).
    • Bonuses to crafting skills are half that -- 10% or 7.5%.
    • These numbers are for max mana. Casting at lower mana results in a proportionally smaller boost.
    • There is a minimum of +10 ranks, or + 2 stat points on successful casts of a buff spell. As you go up in spell power from skill ranks and spell potency you get closer to the buff's cap for SOI.
  • Addition of the Research/Symbiosis system for extending the training of spells.
  • Cyclic spells that are not TM or debilitation will have changed their teaching process. They will begin teach low, rise to a moderate level, then slowly taper off to nothing. To continue learning, they must be activated again.
  • Spell and ability slot progression will cease at 150th level for all guilds.

Analogous Patterns

Multishot AOEs

Multishoe AOEs will now start at 1 attack per target and scale up to 3 with additional mana. In addition, it will hit up to 6 random targets at the specified range, regardless of the number of valid targets.

Post 3.1

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